GrowthWheel Online 2.0: Help Client Companies
Make Decisions and Take Action —in the Cloud

On the new GrowthWheel Online 2.0 (currently in beta) you can manage your clients online and invite them to do 360° Screenings and 30-60-90 Day Action Plans in the cloud.

See some of the new features below.


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Invite Clients and Collaborate in the Cloud

On GrowthWheel Online you can now create client companies and either use the platform to just track your work with them, or invite the client companies so you have a platform where you can collaborate.

Get the big picture of all your clients

The client list gives you an overview of all your clients and the Focus Ares they have decided to work on.

You can see how many decisions and actions the clients have added so you know what to follow up on.

Work with the whole client team

Both you and the client company can add additional team members to the organization profile.

Share clients with your colleagues

You can invite other colleagues to access your clients. This way you can collaborate and provide the clients with your combined resources.

When you have invited a colleague from your organization the client will also appear on this person's client list.


Log and share all client interactions

In the menu Interactions, you can track each interaction you have with your client, and add the decisions and actions you discussed during your meeting. When ready you can download all interactions as a PDF that you can upload to your CRM-system. 

Log all interactions with your client

In the Interactions List, you can see the interactions you have had with your clients. You can arrange the items in the list after the headlines e.g. type, title, status, date, etc.

Add a new interaction

When creating a new interaction you can add the type of interaction, create a title, and put date and time on the interaction. You can also add preparation and transportation time that will be included in the total duration of the interaction.

Add decisions, actions, and notes to the interaction

To each interaction, you can add decisions you made or actions you planned during the interaction, or you can make notes related to the interaction. 

The decisions, actions, and notes you make will be added automatically to your client's 30-60-90 Action plan.

Share the interactions with your client

You can choose to share the interactions with your client, so they can keep track on how much time you spend on them and their business.

This way the client will also be able to add decisions and actions to each interaction.


Making 360° Screening in the cloud

When clients are invited to GrowthWheel Online they can do the 360° Screening on the platform. Both the client and the advisor can create a screening, to which both can add comments, decisions, and actions.

360° Screenings can be made as private drafts or shared with team members and associated advisors.

Do a quick Screening and share it

Have the client do a 360° Screening online and save it in the cloud. Choose type of Screening and add a title to get started. You can also keep it as a draft to continue working with it later.

Add decisions and actions to the Screening

Add notes, decisions, and actions for each Screening that both you and your client can see. 

See notes from both advisor and client

Both you and the client company can see all notes, decisions, and actions below each Screening.

Notes, decisions, and actions on paper

Print PDF-files that give you an overview of your notes, decisions, and actions related to a specific client company.


See your Decisions and Actions in the 30-60-90 Day Plan

On GrowthWheel Online each client will have their own 30-60-90 Day Plan. This Day Plan is also saved in the cloud and can be corrected by both you and the client company.

Keep track of decisions and actions

All the decisions and actions you add to the 360° Screening are automatically transferred to the client's 30-60-90 Day Plan.

See decisions and actions divided into Focus Areas

In the 30-60-90 Day Plan you can see which Focus Area the decisions and actions fall under. You can also search for previously added notes, decisions, and actions.

Manage timeframes, mark as complete, or delete

Both you and your client can manage the 30-60-90 Day Plan. You might want to change the timeframe for a specific action, mark a decision as completed or maybe delete a note that is no longer relevant.

Convert into PDF

You can convert the 30-60-90 Action Plan into PDF and print it out on paper.



In the Client Dashboards you can monitor the decisions and actions of your clients. You can see how many decisions and actions your clients complete within each work area —both in total and month by month.

You can see the data for each individual client and the aggregated data for all your clients. You can even get big data for all the clients of your organization or network.

Get an overview of your clients' Focus Areas

In the Client Dashboard you can find the charts that count how many decisions and actions they have added to the 30-60-90 Day Plan.

Also the chart shows within which Focus Areas the client is working and how many decisions and actions are open and how many are completed.

See decisions and actions per month

In the Client Dashboard, you can also see how many decisions and actions your client has completed each month and when the client has been focusing on which areas. 

Keep track of Client Meetings

In the menu Interactions, you can register the meetings, calls, referrals, and sessions you have with your clients to keep track of how you are spending your time. You can use this with your client and for reporting to your CRM System.

Create an interaction

Choose the type of interaction and note the date, time, and duration, including the time you spend on preparation and transportation.

If you wish you can share the interaction with your client.

Note Decisions and Actions

When adding an interaction you can also note decisions and actions you need to make and take during or after the interaction. 


Interactions List

In the Interactions List you get an overview of all the interactions you had with each of your clients so far.

PDF your Interactions

You can download an interaction with decisions and actions in a PDF to show it to your client or upload it to your CRM System.


Sharing Tools with clients

On GrowthWheel Online you can easily share the tools with your clients. You can gather your own set of tools —custom made after your clients needs— or you can give the client all the tools you imagine could be useful —and they can pick out the ones they like.  

You can download the tools for print or you can email the tools to the client directly from GrowthWheel Online —in your own name.

Gather, download, and send the tools with a few clicks

Browsing through the tools, you can click on the suitcase below each of the tools you find useful. Use the icons below the tools to download and print or send the writable PDF-files by email.

Send custom made packages to your client

When emailing a tool or a compilation of tools to clients your own email will appear in the clients inbox. Also you are able to write a personal message for the client.

Quickly find the tools you shared

In the menu Shared Tools you can find all the tools you and your clients have shared with each other on the platform. 

Add decisions and actions to shared tools

You can open all the tools in Shared Files and add decisions and actions to each of them. Those decisions and actions will also be transferred automatically to the 30 60 90 Day Plan.