Great to be back in Mexico!

This week David Madié and co-instructor, Juan Saldana, have been in Guadalajara, Mexico for certification of 8 business advisors from ENLACE+, ITESO and ITESM.  

It was great to be back in Mexico, and we are happy to welcome the advisors to our growing community. Take a look at the pictures below!







GrowthWheel at EBN 2017 Congress in Paris, France on July 5-7

EBN Congress 2017

We are looking forward to join the annual EBN Congress for professionals in the innovation and entrepreneurship sphere. The congress takes place in Paris, France on July 5-7. 

This year the congress will be structured around the idea of "OPEN": Open innovation, open ecosystems, open entrepreneurship, open startup, open data. 

Innovation ecosystems are rapidly changing with institutional development thanks to the presence of new actors, new visions, the rapid growth of digital, the cloud and big data, the implementation of agile process, and open innovation within corporates. The congress will propose, as well a challenge, participating startups, corporates, investors and innovation ecosystems.

GrowthWheel are sponsors of the congress. David Madié, Oliver Mika, Gitte Krenk and Søren Weber from our team will join the congress, and are looking forward to demo all the new features on GrowthWheel Online. 

David Madié will also participate in the workshop "EU|BIC Benchmarking and Impact Assessment" where he will discuss with Giordano Dichter, EBN Belgium, how to effectively measure the impact of an EU|BIC, and how to present key performance indicators (and stories!) to the key territorial influencers and decision-making people.

Back in our own hood...

Last week business advisors from upstate New York, downtown Brooklyn and Eastern New Jersey got together for a 2-days Certification Course at our office in Brooklyn. 

At the course our new colleague, Elizabeth Binning, joined David as co-trainer. Elizabeth has worked for 11 years in the Illinois SBDC network as advisor and director. She was GrowthWheel Certified in 2014 and was one of our Elite Users while still with the SBDC Network.

At the course we were happy to welcome advisors from Brooklyn SBDC, Cornerstone Studio LTD, NJSBDC of Bergen County, and Southern Tier High Technology Incubator, Inc.

GrowthWheel Certification at our Brooklyn office

New Release: GrowthWheel Online 3.0

Announcing: GrowthWheel Online 3.0
—Help you clients grow in the cloud

The last year we have invested a lot of time developing the new GrowthWheel Online platform. Hundreds of beta testers have helped us test and improve the new features, and we are happy to announce that it's now ready to go live!

With GrowthWheel Online 3.0 you can work with your clients online and produce reports that track client progress like never before. The new features will help you attract clients, create better results, and be more productive. 

In this release we have also reorganized the menus and improved the design with new icons. This will make it much easier and faster for you to navigate on the platform, share tools, and work with clients online.


GrowthWheel Online Release.008.jpeg

In the menu "My Toolbox" you can (like always) find all tools as writable PDF's, that you can download or email to clients. You can also upload your own tools, save favorites, and search for tools in the search bar. 

GrowthWheel Online Release.010.jpeg

In the new menu "My Clients" you can work with clients online: Write a business profile, track ambitions and outcomes, do screenings and action plans, and manage your client relation. All features have visual analytics and can be printed as PDF reports. 

10 Ways to use GrowthWheel Online
—Try all the new features

#1 Work with your clients online

In "My Clients" you can manage your clients, share them with your colleagues, or invite them to work with you online. More...

#2 List client ambitions

List your client's ambitions and mark with a traffic light indicator if they are on track, in progress, or a challenge. More...


#3 Get a 360° view on focus areas

Do a 360° screening of each client's progress or opportunities and save it in the cloud, or invite your clients to do a screening themselves. More...

GrowthWheel Online Release.003.jpeg

#4 Download or email visual tools

Download GrowthWheel tools for decision making as writable PDF files or make custom packages that you can email to your client. More...

GrowthWheel Online Release.004.jpeg

#5 Share your own tools

You and your client can upload and share files, including your own personal tools, legal forms, spreadsheets and more. More...

GrowthWheel Online Release.005.jpeg

#6 Create a 30-60-90 Action Plan

List, prioritize, and keep track of all actions and decisions you and your client have agreed to work on. More...


#7 View instant visual analytics

Get the big picture of what you work on: Your clients’ activities, their progress, and your client portfolio. Then download all analytics as visual PDF reports. More...


#8 Track outcomes and metrics

Keep track quarterly of both quantitative results and qualitative achievements you and your client have created together. More...

GrowthWheel Online Release.006.jpeg

#9 Log interactions

Log each meeting, phone call, or workshop you have with your client and track time spent, along with action-oriented meeting minutes. More...

#10 Print a Business Profile

Make a visual Business Profile with all info about the business and print it as visual PDF report. Back it up with the company's financials. Then you got everything a lender could wish for. More...

GrowthWheel to join "Maximizing Millennial Minds" Conference on June 8-9

On June 8-9 Louisiana SBDC, in partnership with America's SBDC, is hosting the annual "Maximizing Millennial Minds" conference in New Orleans. This year's theme is “Investing in Innovation” and the aim is to explore, engage and elevate millennials in the SBDC network.

GrowthWheel has been invited to take part in the professional development training with no less that 4 talks. 

Through professional development training, the conference will focus on recruitment and retention of the workforce’s largest generation as well as discover innovative ways to improve the consulting process when assisting entrepreneurs.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau Data, more than one-in-three American workers today are Millennials, and Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation.

GrowthWheel is already used by hundreds of Millennial SBDC business advisors around the country. We are looking forward to great conversations and an exiting program. 


Happy to be back in Illinois with long-term partner Illinois SBDC

This week we have spent 3 days in Champaign, IL for certification and re-certification of 20 business advisors from Illinois SBDC. 

Illinois SBDC has been our partner since 2012 and were one of the first SBDC networks to go for state-wide implementation. 

The course is part of the pre-conference program at the IESBGA Annual Conference that takes place in Champaign on May 17-19. We are sponsors of the conference and are looking forward to discuss this year's theme "Catalyst for Breakthroughs". 

GrowthWheel Certification in Illinois

Now more than 50 certified advisors in Norway

This week we spent two days in the beautiful city of Trondheim for certification of business advisors from the Norwegian Business Gardens (“Næringshagerne”) and SIVA incubators.

Since we started out in Norway a year ago more than 50 advisors have been certified, and we are looking forward to welcome more advisors this year. 3 more courses are already planned for this year in Norwegian cities Tromsø, Bergen and Lillehammer. 

At the course we were happy to welcome advisors from:

-  ÅKP
- Buskerud Næringshage
- Inkubator As
- Næringshagen i Hardanger
- Næringshagen Østfold
- Nasjonalparken Næringshage
- Suldal Vekst As



New release: Print a Business Profile with a few clicks

First Item for the Lending Package:
—A good-looking business profile in PDF

Today, we are happy to launch the new Business Profile where advisors can quickly write and print a good-looking PDF report with a description of the client's business.  

This is a new approach to making a document that advisors and client companies can add to a lender information package. It's different and faster than a conventional business plan because the Business Profile is focused on facts and on the current situation. 

This is how it works:

  • Build the Business Profile with new records to describe each product or service, key markets, customer segments, team members, and more.
  • Add information about the business in predefined fields
  • Add images to make the report more visual 
  • Print the full Business Profile with a click.

Below you can download a sample business profile to get an idea about what it could look like:

Of course the Business Profile is not all the lender wants to see. But when combined with a well-prepared and detailed budget in a spreadsheet it might be a sufficient alternative to the conventional business plan, which few clients like to write and few lenders like to read.

Business Profile
—Add all information about the company

#1 Add Business Description

Here you can tell about the company's history, mission, vision for the future, needs and problems, scalability, and values. Top it up with a nice image. 

GrowthWheel Online Business Profile.006.jpeg

#2 Add Product/Service

Describe each of the products or services of the company: Who are the typical buyer, how does it create value for the buyer, and what is the price range and revenue. 


#3 Add Key Market/Customer Segment

What are the company's key markets and customer segments? List top 5 clients and market share. 


#4 Print the Business Profile

Print the Business Profile as PDF and back it up with the company's financials. Top it up with a 30-60-90 Action Plan. Then you got everything a lender could wish for.

What is Next?
—A sneak peek of what we are working on...

GrowthWheel Road Map

We are committed to making continuous and never-ending improvements of the software in collaboration with our users. Every month we release new features. Here you can see what is on top of the list:

  • A simplified menu design where you can easily manage tools and clients
  • Improved business profile with competitor info and board members 
  • Create standard email templates to use when writing clients


New release: Share 5 new good-looking PDF reports

GrowthWheel Online - PDF reports

Now, all visual analytics are available as PDF reports, so you can share them with your colleagues, managers, and stakeholders. 

The analytics show big data that will help you see trends from a few or hundreds activities for a large client portfolio over a year. 

  • What are your client's ambitions? 
  • Which results and achievements have you accomplished together? 
  • What type of clients are you working with? 
  • How many actions and decisions have clients completed?
  • How many results and achievements have clients accomplished? 

Because the reports are in PDF you can easily email them, use them in a presentation, or upload them to any other CRM system you might be using.

If you are a manager you can also get reports with analytics of all clients and advisors in your organization or network.

Take a look at this 3 min. video with David showing the new features: 

5 New PDF reports
—Share with colleagues, managers, and stakeholders

#1 Your Client Portfolio

What types of clients are you working with? Get a report of your client portfolio by life stage, company size, and engagement time and use it for reporting. 


#2 All Decisions and Actions

How many actions and decisions have your clients completed? Get a report of all clients' decisions and actions.  


#3 All Outcomes

How many results and achievements have your clients accomplished? Get a report of all your clients' outcomes and share it with your manager or stakeholders. 


#4 Ambitions

What are your client's ambitions? Get a report of each client's ambitions and share it with your colleagues. 


#5 Outcomes

What are your client's outcomes? Get a report of each client's results and achievements and upload it to your CRM system.

If You Are a Manager
—Analytics for the entire organization or network

If you are a manager, you can see analytics of what the clients and advisors are working on, and get reports with aggregated data for the entire network or organization. 

Get manager access


More Improvements:
—Add descriptions to ambitions and outcomes

You and your clients can now add descriptions to ambitions and outcomes. This information will show on the page.

When you create a new result you can also add an amount. 


What is Next?
—A sneak peek of what we are working on...


We are committed to making continuous and never-ending improvements of the software in collaboration with our users. Every month we release new features. Here you can see what is on top of the list:

  • A new Client Business Profile in PDF 
  • Share tools as links instead of emailing PDF files
  • Create standard email templates to use when writing your clients
  • More analytics and reporting
  • More notifications and reminders

Now 1 of 5 Danish users are re-certified

On March 1-2 we were back in Aalborg for certification of 10 business advisors from the Danish growthhouses and local business development centers. The course was organized in partnership with Væksthus Nordjylland. 

We also had 6 already certified users, who got their free re-certification. We are happy to see how popular this option is getting. Now more than 1 out of 5 of our Danish users have been re-certified.

We are happy to welcome the 10 new GrowthWheel Certified Advisors from BusinessHorsens, Erhvervsrådet Herning & Ikast-Brande, Thy Erhvervsforum, Væksthus Midtjylland, Rebild Kommune, House of Exporters, Erhverv Væksthimmerland, and Væksthus Nordjylland to our community. 

Certification in Aalborg
Certification in Aalborg

Now more than 50 business advisors certified in Norway

On February 27-28 we were back in Oslo for certification of 15 business advisors. We also had 3 already certified advisors in for free re-certification.

Since we started out in Norway a year ago more than 50 Norwegian business advisors have been certified. And we are expecting to double that number this year in partnership with SIVA and the Næringshagene (the business gardens in Norway). 

At the course we were happy to welcome business advisors from the following organizations: 

- Business Faxe Copenhagen
- Buskerud Næringshage AS
- Driv Inkubator
- Energy Consult Center AS
- Hallingdal Næringshage
- Landsbyen Næringshage AS
- My Back Office AS
- Næringshagen i Orkdalsregionen AS
- Næringshagen Rogaland Ressurssenter AS
- Nordkapp Næringshage AS
- Rørosregionen Næringshage
- Sør-Østerdal Næringshage
- Stryn Næringshage AS
- Suldal Vekst As
- Valdres Næringshage AS

New Release: Email integration with "Mailbox"

All Your Emails in One Place
—Email Integration with Mailbox

Today, we are happy to announce that GrowthWheel Online is now a full CRM system, as we are releasing the new feature Mailbox on GrowthWheel Online.

A Customer Relations Management system is used to track not only information about clients, but also the correspondence you have with them. This way you have all the information in one system.

In your Mailbox , you can get an overview of all emails you send to clients from GrowthWheel Online or from your own email account.

Emails sent from GrowthWheel Online are saved automatically. If you would like to copy emails from your own email account all you need to do is add to the "bcc" field when you send an email to your client. The system will recognize your client's email address and copy the email to your client Mailbox. 

In GrowthWheel, we aim to make your life easier by helping you work smarter. With the new Mailbox, you can keep all information about your clients in GrowthWheel Online. For some advisors, this means that you will no longer need to pay for an expensive CRM system. GrowthWheel Online may work as your primary CRM system –and it is all included in your license. 

#1 New Menu
See all emails in your Postbox

Select a client and go to that client's Mailbox under the menu "Interactions". Here you will find the emails you send to this client. You will have a Mailbox for each client. 

#2 Get the Full Overview
See all emails sent from GrowthWheel Online

All the emails you send to clients on GrowthWheel Online are from now on automatically saved in your client Mailbox. The only requirement is that the client must be in your client list on GrowthWheel Online. 

#3 Email Integration
Copy emails from your own email account

If you would like to copy an email you are sending from your own email account you can add to the "bcc" field. Note that emails cannot be sent directly to your Mailbox. You must always add your client's email in the "to" or "cc" field.

Customized Client Profile

You can now get a Customized Client Profile that fits the needs of your country or organization. We already did this for South Africa, and you can get it too. Just let us know which information you would like us to add.

What is Next?
- A sneak-peak of what we are working on...

In GrowthWheel, we are committed to making continuous and never-ending improvements of our software in collaboration with our users. We have hundreds of upcoming features in our backlog, and here you can see what is on top of the list:

  • Download all client data as PDF and Excel files.
  • Mark clients as favorites to filter them.
  • Managers can upload tools that can be used by all advisors in the organization.
  • Further improvements to Ambitions and Outcomes with PDF reports and more visual analytics.
  • Interaction analytics of your work with clients.

First Certified Advisor in Minnesota

On February 8-9 we were in Phoenix, AR for certification of 14 advisors. The course was organized in partnership with Maricopa SBDC. At the course was also Juan Saldana, who joined David for the first time as co-instructor. 

At the course we were happy to welcome advisors from Arizona SBDC, Maricopa SBDC, Northland Pioneer College SBDC, Southern Colorado SBDC, and UMD Center for Economic Development. 

We are particularly happy to welcome our first certified advisor from Minnesota. Now counting US 41 states!