GrowthWheel for Accountants
—Offer clients an add-on service

GrowthWheel is used by Certified Professional Accountants (CPA’s), who use the toolbox and online platform to create an add-on service to their core accounting service.

The GrowthWheel tools makes it is easy for a CPA to offer business advisory in addition to accounting services because CPA’s already are familiar with most of the business challenges that companies have when they start and grow — it all shows up in the financials! We can recommend the Advanced Toolstack for Loan Applications for CPA’s.

With GrowthWheel CPA’s have an extensive toolbox that allows them to:

  • avoid inventing their own process or methodology,
  • have a tools that can be used straight from the shelf
  • work with clients on business topics they already have been discussing with clients while reviewing annual accounts or producing budgets.

One of the Certified Accountants using GrowthWheel is Morten Lund from My Back Office AS in Norway. Here is what Morten has to say about why GrowthWheel gives a ROI for his business:

The accounting industry is challenged by automation and software services which are replacing much of the work which was previously exclusive to CPA’s. In this situation, accounting firms must re-invent themselves and their business models.

With GrowthWheel I can offer an additional service in my accounting practice which fits well with the traditional services provided by accountants.

GrowthWheel provides a win/win situation for accountants and their clients. Accountants become an important part of the clients’ support team thus confirming their client relationships, and the clients get a simple and impressive planning and decision tool at an affordable cost.

The direct outcome of using GrowthWheel has been satisfied clients and a more profitable and inspirational work environment for my accounting practice.
— Morten Lund, CPA My Back Office AS, Oslo, Norway