AfriLabs GrowthWheel Workshop
—Run your Incubator like a Business

We are looking forward to welcome you to the GrowthWheel Workshop at the AfriLabs Annual Gathering on October 11th at 2:30-3:30 pm in the Side Hall.

GrowthWheel for Entrepreneurship Center Management is a tool designed especially for and with entrepreneurship center managers to help them make decisions and take action.

Target audience is Policy Makers, Hub Managers and Business Advisors.

The workshop is held by Hilton Theunissen, MD South Africa and VP Global Partnerships and sponsored by Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA).

You can register below:

GrowthWheel for Entrepreneurship Center Management:
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Get 21 free Decision Sheets to help you make the right decisions for your entrepreneurship center program. 

As an entrepreneurship center manager you are always looking for the best solutions for your clients and are helping them make the best decisions about how to run their business. Your clients are facing decisions about their products and services, how to build customer relations, who to partner with, how much to invest, etc. But so are you.

An Entrepreneurship Center  is also a business and whether you are starting a new center or have been running it for several years, you are facing many of the same decisions as your client companies.

GrowthWheel for Entrepreneurship Centers is a tool designed especially for and with entrepreneurship center managers to help you make decisions and take actions in your center. The tool has been created with outset in the GrowthWheel framework and together with experienced center managers who are also GrowthWheel Certified Advisors