Course Description 

At the 2-day GrowthWheel Certification Course participants will learn to use the GrowthWheel Toolbox and approach to business advisory and client relation management.

The course is a fast-paced mix of presentations, open discussions, case studies, independent work and group work activities.

Certification Course in Trondheim, Norway

Purpose and OUTCOME

 The purpose of the certification course is:

  1. To become GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisor and get a license to use GrowthWheel Tools and the GrowthWheel Online Platform unlimited individually with all client companies or in group sessions.
  2. To learn how to use the GrowthWheel Toolbox with very different client companies and mix the tools with other industry best practice tools like Business Model Canvas and more.
  3. To become co-creator of GrowthWheel by joining the hundreds of advisor who have submitted suggestions to help the GrowthWheel Toolbox become what it is today. 

The outcome to expect from the GrowthWheel Certification Course is:

  • To be able to attract the best client companies and maintain the relationship by working with a 360° perspective, focusing strictly on the top priorities and production actionable output from each interaction.
  • To significantly increase the productivity of the time spend on one-to-one advisory sessions by using visual tools and a structure process adapted to the individual client company.
  • To obtain 5-start ratings from clients by offering a process and a relationship which empowers the clients to make decisions, set agenda, and take action.


The participants at the Certification Courses are mostly business advisors, incubator managers and entrepreneurship educators. You can see a list of our certified partners here


The Certification Courses will take place throughout the year at our offices in New York, Denmark, and South Africa, or at select GrowthWheel Partner locations. Last year we had 28 courses in 8 countries. You can see a list of all the places we have been here

For information about a specific course please go to the Course Calendar. 


GrowthWheel Certification Course

The instructor will be GrowthWheel founder and CEO David Madié, who has certified more than 2200 business advisors since 2008. You can read more about David here

On occassion David will be assisted by a co-instructor. 


At the course we will serve a light breakfast and lunch. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance at


Burning questions

Before the course we recommend that all participants think of a business case that they would like to work on during the workshop sessions on day 2. It could be a case with a current client company - or a new company that they are going to work with.

We also recommend that participants spend a few minutes to consider if they have any "burning questions". We will discuss the burning questions during the course. 


GrowthWheel Online

At the Certification Course the participants will get access to GrowthWheel Online. We recommend that all participants bring a laptop or tablet so they can try out the online platform during the course. We also recommend that participants bring a charger and an extension cord. 

Hotel Recommendations

There is no pre-booked hotel, so we recommend using to find the best option.

Certification Course Program

Please note that the times mentioned are based on our standard time schedule. To see the specific time schedule for each course, please go to the Course Calendar

Course Day 1: The GrowthWheel Framework and Toolbox

8:30* AM: Coffee and Tea

9:00* AM: Start of Day 1 

  • Welcome, Story, and Introduction to GrowthWheel
  • How to present GrowthWheel to Client Companies in 5, 15, and 30 minutes
    • Reflection and discussion
  • How to do a GrowthWheel 360° Screening and help clients get focus
    • TestDrive of the 360° Screening Tool

1:00* PM: Lunch break

  • Trying out features on GrowthWheel Online
    • Online Exercise #1: Do an online 360° Screening of a client company
  • How to use GrowthWheel Frameworks to help clients set agenda
    • TestDrive of two Frameworks
  • How to use GrowthWheel Decision Sheets to help clients make decisions
    • TestDrive of Decision Sheets on paper and online
  • How to use GrowthWheel 30-60-90 Action Plan to help clients take action
    • TestDrive of 30-60-90 Action Plan
  • How to use GrowthWheel Articles to get inspiration
    • TestDrive of Articles
  • How to create GrowthWheel Training Programs
    • Examples of workshops by GrowthWheel Certified Partners
  • Trying out features on GrowthWheel Online
    • Online Exercise #2: Share a basket of tools with a client company
  • Closing day 1

5:00* PM: End of Day 1


Course Day 2: Using GrowthWheel with a Client Company

Participants will work in groups on a self selected case (current real-life client) and testdrive the tool.

7:30* AM: Coffee and Tea 

8:00* AM: Start of Day 2

    • Recap of Day 1
      • Reflection and Discussion
    • Using GrowthWheel with other tools in The Lean Startup Paradigm
      • Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup, Customer Development Methodology, and more.
    • Workshop #1
      • TestDrive the 360° Screening with a case company
      • How to help client companies create an attractive business concept
        • TestDrive: Yellow Decision Sheets
    • Online Exercise #3: Create interactions with decisions and actions for clients
    • Online Exercise #4: Save and view all information about your clients

    12:00* PM: Lunch break

    • Workshop #2
      • Presentation of 15 Decision Sheets
        • TestDrive: Decision Sheets
        • TestDrive: 30-60-90 Action Plan
        • Reflection and Discussion
    • Online Exercise #5: Update the 30-60-90 Action Plan
    • GrowthWheel Advanced Series
      • Reflection and Discussion
    • GrowthWheel Online Presentation: Keep track of clients' Ambitions and Outcomes
      • Online Exercise #6: Define ambitions and track outcomes
    • About the GrowthWheel License Terms
    • Sneak Peak on GrowthWheel Online
      • See the upcoming features for the online platform
    • Closing and summary
      • Continued training options with GrowthWheel
      • Burning Questions

    4:00 PM*: End of Day 2

    *Standard time schedule

    If you have any questions about the Certification Course please contact us at