GrowthWheel for Export Advisors
—To be ready for export, think like a startup

Starting to export is like starting a company again. All decisions are on the table, and many things must be done from scratch. 

As an export advisor you might find yourself getting many questions from clients about tarifs, compliances, or other legal and technical issues. However –as you know– there are much more to export and internationalization than the legal side. 

The GrowthWheel Tools
—Consider everything

"When going to new markets you must consider everything related to new markets" – to paraphrase the Chinese philosopher Sun Tsu in The Art of War

For the purpose of being prepared, it helps to have a checklist of areas where decisions and actions are needed (and where they can wait). GrowthWheel is such a checklist:

GrowthWheel is a toolbox and an online platform that helps business advisors assist their clients in making decisions and taking action. The visual tools that can be used in collaboration with the client on paper or in the cloud.

The tools include the following and much more:

360° Screening Set agenda

360° Screening
Set agenda

Decision Sheets Make decisions

Decision Sheets
Make decisions

30-60-90 Day Plan Take action

30-60-90 Day Plan
Take action

With GrowthWheel, you can do a 10 min. screening and after a 20 min. conversation with the client, you can agree on the first 3 Focus Areas. Then you can start working on decisions and a 30-60-90 Day Plan. 

Give your clients the perspective from 30,000 feet
The GrowthWheel Framework works well for exporters because the tool gives you an opportunity to take your one to one sessions with clients to a higher level and create more value for them. You will also be able to extend your relationship with the client because the GrowthWheel Framework allows you to engage in more decisions relating to internationalization.

Advanced tool for Export and Internationalization
While the GrowthWheel toolbox covers all the basic decisions, there are a number of decisions that are specific to companies that are going abroad. Such decisions relate to market selection, market adaptation, international partners, and more. For such decisions, you can use our advanced series tool which has been developed in close collaboration with export counselors and commercial service professionals. 

Partner Selection
Choose the right international partners

Business Adaptation
Adapt the company's business to the new market

Export Approach
Choose the right approach to export

Open Intro Webinar
—Get to know GrowthWheel

The fastest and best way to learn about GrowthWheel is to attend our live webinar where David Madié will demo the tools and online platform. 

Certification Courses
—Get certified and licensed

The way to get your hands on GrowthWheel is to attend one of our 2 day certification courses and get a license. We have courses all over the world and courses in several locations every month. 

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