GrowthWheel as a part of your workflow - Are you brave enough to change to better habits?

Changing habits is hard work, we have five takes on how to bring the visual toolbox and online platform into action. 

GrowthWheel is a simple system, still, it is a new system. Converting to GrowthWheel is worth it, it is just about getting started. 

Five takes to implement GrowthWheel in your workflow 

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#1 Start Today 

Our simple advice is to start today and use it as much as possible, because it takes practise to be good at something. Stop making excuses and get started.  

Practical advice:
You don't have to know everything. After a 360° Screening where you helped your clients to find the most important focus areas, give them a relevant GrowthWheel Decision Sheet they can work on by them self. You don't have to explain the sheet, the sheets are very intuitive and have a short description.   


#2 Practice, practice and practice (Maybe I delete it)

Use the toolbox as much possible whilst everything you learned is still fresh in your memory. It will make the process much more straightforward. 

Practical advice:
Start with a month or two, where you only use the GrowthWheel tools, afterwards can you decide how you use the toolbox in your work life.   


#3 Make goals 

Integrate the tools one by one if it feels too uncomfortable using all the tools from day 3. 

Practical advice:
Write a list, where you decide when and how you will integrate the different GrowthWheel tools, or download our a list here. 


#4 Visibility and Easy Access

Secure GrowthWheels visibility on your office , so you remember using the tools and make it easy to get access to the tools. 

Practical advice:
Set a GrowthWheel poster on your wall and place the tools on your desk. 

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#5 Get yourself a partner

Find yourself a peer-to-peer partner or a mentor to get started.

Practical advice:
Partner-up with a colleague or one in your professional network who also attended the GrowthWheel Certification Course, or already integrated GrowthWheel in their work life. 

Inspiration to get started — What other succesful GrowthWheel advisors did. 


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