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As in incubator you are always looking for the best solutions for your incubatees and you are helping them make the best decisions about how to run their business.

Your incubatees are facing decisions about their products and services, how to build customer relations, who to partner with, how much to invest, etc. But so are you.

One of our tools is a pack of 20 visual Decision Sheets that help incubator Managers make decisions in your own business: The incubator. 

Check to see if some of the decisions you see here are relevant for your clients and talk to us if you want to learn more. 

Examples on decision sheets:

Incubator Program Design.png

 Incubator Program Design

 Incubators Job To Be Done:
 Decide which elements to include in   your incubation program.

 How the Decision Sheet helps:
 By going through the program element   by element we ensure that all parts of   the program are valuable to the client   companies. 

Incubator Network Mapping.png

 Incubator Network Mapping

 Incubators Job To Be Done:
 Map current personal and professional   network.

 How the Decision Sheet helps:
 By getting an overview of our existing   network, we can start creating paths to   expand our network and find the   resources we need. 

Mentor Recruitment.png

 Mentor Recruitment

 Incubators Job To Be Done:
 Select the best mentor profiles and plan   how to engage them.

 How the Decision Sheet helps:
 By considering in advance which profiles   we need, how many and when, and what   we need to get them started, we are   prepared when we start looking for and   getting in touch with specific mentor   candidates. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 1.44.18 PM.png

 Client Performance Metrics

 Incubators Job To Be Done:
 Decide how to measure your clients'   success. 

 How the Decision Sheet helps:
 By measuring our clients' performance,   we can more easily come up with new   ways of how to create and increase their   success. 

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