GrowthWheel OnTrack Webinars
—Get on track. Stay on track.

At the OnTrack Webinars we will inspire you to make GrowthWheel work even better for you by going further into some of the topics that you worked with at the certification course.

We currently have 8 different webinar topics. The webinars are hosted by Elizabeth and David. 

In addition to the presentation, we will have a conversation around the following topics:

  • Your stories. Share examples where GrowthWheel has worked well for you and your client.
  • Your questions. Ask any question about the tool or a specific client situation.
  • Your suggestions. Having used the toolbox you might have ideas and requests for improvements.

If you already got a story you would like to share, or a question you would like to address feel free to let us know upfront by sending an e-mail directly to Elizabeth

#1 GrowthWheel with Lean Startup Principles

This webinar will focus on how we can use GrowthWheel in combination with the vast amount of new tools and principles that have surfaced in recent year, which we like to call the Lean Startup Paradigm:

Key topics include: 

  • How to present the ‘Lean Startup Paradigm” principles to clients
  • How to use GrowthWheel with the Business Model Canvas
  • How to apply Lean Startup principles to the GrowthWheel process

#2 GrowthWheel for Big and Small, Young and Grown-up

This webinar will focus on how we can use GrowhtWheel for companies of different sizes and different life-stages. 

Key topics include: 

  • Reviewing the company life cycle and key challenges in each stage 
  • Finding worksheets to fit early startup’s and high-growth companies 
  • Using the 360° Screening in ways that fit

#3 GrowthWheel 360° Screening Best Practices

MASTER OnTrack Images.002.jpeg

This webinar will focus on the many layers of the screening with GrowthWheel and how this can help us to focus on the issues that really matter to our clients.

Key topics include: 

  • How to use the 360° Screening to discover the root causes for a company's lack of growth
  • How to use the 360° Screening to connect the dots and find solutions
  • How to customize the 360° Screening for different types of clients and client needs

#4 GrowthWheel with Coaching Principles
—Pick the advisor style that works for you

This webinar will focus on how we can apply principles of coaching to our one-to-one sessions with client companies. 

Key topics include: 

  • How to use coaching principles to empower clients to make decisions and take action.
  • How to pick the right advisory style for different clients and situations.
  • How to avoid taking responsibility for decisions and give clients ownership of them.

#5 GrowthWheel Workflow and Daily Practices

This webinar will focus on how we can use GrowthWheel in our daily workflow as business advisors.

Key topics include: 

  • How to use GrowthWheel on either daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • How to use GrowthWheel with new, current and old clients
  • How to best combine printed and digital tools

#6 GrowthWheel for Strategic Planning

OnTrack Webinar

This webinar will focus on how we can use GrowthWheel for short-term/long-term operational and strategic planning. 

Key topics include: 

  • How to use GrowthWheel for Business Model Selection
  • How to use GrowthWheel for functional area strategies
  • How to use GrowthWheel to define growth scenarios

#7 Set Ambitions and Track Outcomes with Your Clients

OnTrack Webinar #7

This webinar will focus on how you and your client can set ambitions and how monitoring and evaluating the outcomes keep your clients accountable.

Key topics include:

  • How to work with different types of ambitions including performance, competency, and opportunity gaps
  • The difference between results and achievements when measuring outcomes
  • Best practices in monitoring and evaluating ambitions and outcomes including setting baselines and measuring decisions and actions

#8 GrowthWheel for Change Making [NEW!]

    This webinar will show how to use techniques of “Change Management” together with GrowthWheel to help companies to better carry out the changes needed for growth.

    Key topics include:

    • How focus on both people and systems are needed for change
    • How to practically work on a change process
    • How a real client managed to change for growth 

    Please note that the GrowthWheel OnTrack Webinars are exclusively for certified and licensed users. If you would like to get to know GrowthWheel, join our Open Intro Webinar