In the making: Add Partners to the Business Profile

At this very moment, we are working on a new feature for the Business Profile so your clients can add partners see them on a new additional page.

A business can have many different partners, which is why the new menu consists of four overall categories:

  • Profession Service Provider (bank, CPA, attorney, designer etc)
  • Supplier / Service Provider
  • Channel Partner (distributor, agent, reseller etc.)
  • Technology Provider (hosting, equipment etc.)

When a new partners in any of these categories are created clients can see a list of the types so they are inspired to add more current partners or think about new ones.

For you as an advisor it might also be useful when clients share this information. It will be a chance for you to help list Decisions and Actions to help the business get more and better partners.

Business profile EN.001.jpeg

We want to provide you the best product possible, but it takes a good idea, so please send us your suggestions via the GrowthWheel Suggestion Form and be a GrowthWheel Co-creator.