GrowthWheel is coming to Chile

Join the community of 2,500+ business advisors, incubator managers, and entrepreneurship educators in 37 countries who our tools to help client companies make decisions and take action.

Entrepreneurs are building the new businesses that create economic development and jobs, and every business needs a business advisors to help them make the right decisions and take action.

GrowthWheel is a visual toolbox and cloud-based platform for decision-making and action planning.

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GrowthWheel helps entrepreneurs build their businesses through a simple, action-oriented process that stays true to the way most entrepreneurs think and work.

For the business advisor, the full flexibility of the toolbox means it can be fully adapted to existing consulting tools and client needs, and can even be used by clients themselves, saving time for the advisor.

Certification and License
—Get access to use the tools with your clients

Join a Certification Course and get a personal license to use the tools and software with your clients. You can either join a two-day live Certification Course or get your certification online to become a GrowthWheel Certified Advisor.


Join a 2-day live Certification Course or get certified online to become a GrowthWheel Certified Advisor



The tools on paper and online will help you get focus, set agenda, make decisions, and take action.


Online Platform

Collaborate with your clients, share tools, and produce reports that track clients progress like never before.

GrowthWheel speaks Spanish
—Get all the tools in your own language

The Toolbox and Online Platform has already been translated to Spanish by experienced Spanish-speaking GrowthWheel Certified Advisors.

Below, you can see 4 examples of how the Decision Sheets look like.

Price plans and return on investment
—Everything for the price of a textbook per entrepreneur

The price to become a certified and licensed GrowthWheel user is divided into a Course Fee for the Training & Certification and an annual License Fee per individual.

GrowthWheel International offers different price plans for business advisors, educators, and mentors, but all price plans usually break down to the price of a textbook per entrepreneur, depending on how many entrepreneurs you are working with.

For some licensees, GrowthWheel provides new sources of revenue, because fees are charged to the end user, or because sponsors are attracted to the tangible benefits GrowthWheel provides.

Open Intro Webinar (in English)
—45 min intro with crisp content and Q&A

Joining the webinar is the fastest way to learn everything you need to know to make a decision about getting a GrowthWheel Certification and License.

At the webinar David Madié, GrowthWheel Founder & CEO,  will take you through the GrowthWheel concept and demonstrate the visual Toolbox and GrowthWheel Online.

This is your opportunity to learn the ins and outs of our business advisory support system that will helps you define the most important scope of work for any kind of business, and help your clients achieve results faster.