Workshop Programs

Plan your workshops with GrowthWheel. With our ready-made workshop programs, you can design, promote and execute your own trainings.

The workshop programs on GrowthWheel Online, make it easier than ever before to set up and organize your own training. All materials can be tailored to fit your exact needs.

You can select between different workshop topics on GrowthWheel Online, and download template descriptions with slidedecks for each topic.

Our Workshop Programs include:

  • 20 new workshop descriptions that you can use for inspiration or as templates

  • 20 new slidedecks with outlines for workshops including presenter notes

  • 2 brand new Decision Sheets that will help you plan the training

  • Examples of workshops run by GrowthWheel Certified Advisors


#1 Decide your focus with our Decision Sheets

You can use the 2 new Decision Sheets to decide what you would like to offer your clients and which focus areas your workshops will cover.

#2 Plan each workshop

You can use the 20 new workshop descriptions - one for each focus area - as inspiration to plan your own workshops.

The workshop descriptions are available as PDF’s and as template PowerPoint slides.

#3 Promote your workshops

Workshop programs.005.jpeg

You can use the marketing slides or workshop descriptions to promote your workshops. All are available as template PowerPoint slides.

You can also see examples of how other GrowthWheel Certified Advisors are promoting their programs.

#4 Get ready for kick-off

You can use the 20 new template slidedecks as an outline for your own presentation.

All slides have presenter notes to make it even easier for you!