7 Ways to
Be the Best Business Advisor
You Can Be

After having trained and certified more than 2,400+ business advisors in 48 US states and 35 countries, this is our take on how to be the best business advisor you can be.

Being a first rank business advisor requires you to become a trusted advisor to your clients. An advisor who understands all aspects of the business, focuses on the most important decisions, and leaves the client with clear actionable steps after every meeting.

GrowthWheel helps business advisors, and their organizations, make more impact and be more productive by offering a certification program, a visual toolbox, and a cloud-based platform that allows you to work with clients in a consistent way and produce reports that track client progress like you’ve never seen before.


#1   Take a 360° View on the Business

From a glance it is difficult to know the root cause of a client’s problems or which key decisions will take them to the next level.

The best business advisors take a holistic view on a business before they give advice.


#2   Focus on Key Decisions

At any given time every business has 100 decisions it could be working on, but some of these decisions are better left for another day.

The best business advisors define the scope of work and focus on a few key decisions at a time.


#3   Give Each Client a Custom Experience

All businesses in all industries in all life-stages and of all sizes have the same basic challenges. The solutions, however, are not the same.

The best business advisors assemble a custom toolbox for each client.


#4   Create a Process with High Productivity

Many business advisors interact with 50 to 100 client companies a year. Each of them require special attention.

The best business advisors constantly seek ways to increase their productivity to produce more outcome or to produce the same outcome with less effort.


#5   Always Conclude with Action Steps

Entrepreneurs have little patience for conversations that do not produce actions to immediately move them forward.

The best business advisors are action-oriented and always conclude each one-to-one session with a list of next steps.


#6   Track Client Progress

Business owners can easily be distracted from focusing on the most important decisions and action steps.

The best business advisors know they might be the only person to hold clients accountable, and they help keep clients on track.


#7   Build Consistency and Quality Throughout the Organization

Client companies build trust in an advisor when they experience quality and consistency throughout the organization.

The best business advisors take part in building a quality brand around themselves and their team.