GrowthWheel for SBDC Advisors
—How to attract clients, create better results, and do it all in less time!

Building a small business is hard work. There are hundreds of decisions to make, hundreds of actions to take. Help your clients focus on what matters now and next and stop juggling priorities. No more balls dropped. Just engaged clients working toward results.


#1 Attract High-Impact Client

It seems as though your center attracts more tire kickers than high-impact, ready-to-work clients. You don’t see the effect of your marketing efforts!

Work smarter:
Attract the best clients by offering them a visual toolbox and online platform. Launch a workshop series that gives your clients a 360° perspective on their business and an action plan to-go.


#2 Turn First-Time Visitors into Long-Term Clients

You get a large number of first-time visitors or workshop participants, but too few stick around. Your time is wasted on unengaged clients!

Work smarter: 
Make clients return for 5 sessions or more by offering a customized set of tools that fits their exact needs. With the comprehensive GrowthWheel Toolbox you always have more to offer and you will soon become their trusted advisor.


#3 Get More Done in Less Time

You spend time on long conversations with clients, but it feels like you are getting nowhere. This can drain your energy!

Work smarter:
With GrowthWheel Online you can easily collaborate with your clients online. The simple workflow will help you keep clients engaged, stay on track, and achieve real progress.


#4 Give Clients the Option of Self-Service

You have too many clients and you can’t give them all the service you would like. You don’t feel you utilize your potential to help clients!

Work Smarter: 
Empower your clients to do the work on their own on GrowthWheel Online. Your clients can list ambitions, make action plans, track outcomes and much more. Millennials of all ages will love the option of self-service.


#5 Put the Loan Package on Fast Track

You spend a lot of time preparing a convincing loan package and your clients can’t always help you. You find it hard to make your clients bankable!

Work smarter:
Put the production of documents for the bank on fast track with our online Business Profile, where your clients can easily make a highly professional PDF report without having to start from scratch.

#6 Gain a Common Knowledge in Your Office

Your center has the know-how on how to best help start-ups and small businesses, but it’s unstructured and inaccessible. You know what help you need, but you can’t easily get it! 

Work smarter:
Get a shared language with the GrowthWheel Toolbox and start collaborating with your colleagues on GrowthWheel Online where you can share clients and together review their questions, challenges, and progress.

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State-wide implementation
in 7 US states

Since 2010 more than 600 SBDC advisors in 48 US states have become GrowthWheel Certified Advisors.

GrowthWheel is used state-wide in Illinois, Oregon, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, and Connecticut. 

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