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—Teach entrepreneurship with a 360° perspective

Become a GrowthWheel Certified Educator and bring the visual toolbox and online platform for action learning into your classroom. 

GrowthWheel Certification Course


“Just Add Your Expertise”
The GrowthWheel Framework for Entrepreneurship in the Classroom


A Framework for Everything in the Curriculum

GrowthWheel is a visual way of looking at areas of business that entrepreneurship educators already know about, and which entrepreneurs and business owners are already working on.

GrowthWheel helps structure the learning experience on the four challenges that are the same for all companies:

  • Creating an attractive business concept

  • Building a strong organization

  • Establishing lasting customer relations

  • Maintaining profitable operations

 A Curriculum to be Customized to Your Liking

The GrowthWheel Framework breaks down the four challenges into 20 Focus Areas. For each of the Focus Areas there is a package of visual materials to be used for working on start-ups and business cases in the classroom — or outside. The GrowthWheel Toolbox contain all that is needed for a course of 10-20 sessions/weeks. Instructors can build a curriculum entirely based on GrowthWheel or add GrowthWheel modules to an existing course.

Road tested and approved

Today GrowthWheel is used for both training programs and one-to-one consulting by more than 2.500 business advisors, incubator managers, angel investors, and entrepreneurship educators in more than 48 US states and in 35 countries around the world.

Get a 360° Perspective on Starting and Growing a Business
—The GrowthWheel Framework map out topics to work on


Attractive Business Concept
—Meeting or creating demand

Getting the right business idea and designing the right product portfolio. Selling it to the right customer segments using the right revenue model and doing so while maintaining a strong market position.

Business Concept

Lasting Customer Relations
—Finding and keeping clients

Networking to meet the right people. Choosing the right way to do marketing and organizing an effective sales process. Getting in the media and on the customers' agenda through
communication and PR. Living the values that shape the branding of the company.

Customer relations

Profitable operations
—Being productive. Making money

Making sure the right financial practices are in place and ensuring that there is enough funding for profitable investments to be made. Setting up the right production and delivery system to secure profitability, IT-systems to make operations profitable and facilities that makes the operations effective.

Strong Organization
—Building teams and partnerships

Finding the right ownership and board, recruit and develop the right employees. Outsourcing tasks through partnerships with suppliers and contractors and mapping core business processes. Having the legal framework in place for working together.


All Workshop Materials for an Action-Oriented Course
100+ Visual Business Tools Online or as Writable PDF’s

360 Screening

Start Discussions about Priorities 
With the 360° Screening Tool which finds barriers and opportunities for growth.


Have Dialogue about Decisions
With 35+ GrowthWheel Frameworks as conversation guidelines or for training programs

Decision sheet.png

Work on Decisions
With 100+ GrowthWheel Decision Sheets with writable fields

30-60-90 Action Plan

Define the Action Steps
With 30-60-90 Day Action plans


Be inspired
With 25+ GrowthWheel Articles


Work in the cloud
Access and share from any device

Design your own training program with up to 20 Lectures
The GrowthWheel Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Workshop programs.004.jpeg

#1 Decide what you would like to offer your clients
You can use the 2 new Decision Sheets to decide what you would like to offer your clients and which focus areas your workshops will cover.

GrowthWheel Workshops.001.jpeg

#2 Plan each workshop
You can use the 20 new workshop descriptions - one for each focus area - as inspiration to plan your own workshops.

The workshop descriptions are available as PDF’s and as template PowerPoint slides.

Workshop programs.005.jpeg

#3 Promote your workshops
You can use the marketing slides or workshop descriptions to promote your workshops. All are available as template PowerPoint slides.

You can also see examples of how other GrowthWheel Certified Advisors are promoting their programs.

Workshop programs.003.jpeg

#4 Get ready for kick-off
You can use the 20 new template slidedecks as an outline for your own presentation.

All slides have presenter notes to make it even easier for you!

Get a 360° Perspective on the Startup Case Study
The GrowthWheel Screening Tool

360° Online Screening

To be used by instructors or by students

Because all the Focus Areas in the GrowthWheel Framework are well-known to any entrepreneurship instructor the 360° Screening can be made by either as an introduction to a lecture, or by the students as a way to present the case companies they are working on.

On paper or online

The 360° Screening can be done at the GrowthWheel Online platform where instructor and students can share comments and produce reports. But the 360° Screening Tools is also available on paper so it can be used like a napkin to sketch notes as the conversation is taking place.

A simple intuitive indication

GrowthWheel for Educators.001.jpeg

A 360° Screening with GrowthWheel is not based on with 100 questions that gives you a score of 3,2 or 4.8. It’s an intuitive process where the entrepreneurs and their teams indicates the progress or importance of an area with a simple scale: 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. Based on the screening the discussion can then start.

Ways to do the screening

The 360° Screening can help focus on the right topics in three different ways, which support the way an entrepreneur is thinking. You can make a screening to assess progress in different areas, a screening to map opportunities, or a screening to rate personal skills.

A starting point for a conversation

No matter how the screening is done it will work as a starting point for a discussion about the business or the business idea. A discussion which will end with a conclusion on where to first make decisions and take action to move the business forward.

Have Students Work on their Business Case in the Cloud
—Online Platform with tools for Decision-Making and Action Planning


Team collaboration in the cloud

Students can invite team members to the business case - or cases - they work on and use GrowthWheel Online as a collaboration platform to share ideas and make decisions.

The output of everything the students works on can be printed as PDF-files for review by peers or as assignments to be handed in.


Focus on Decision and Action planning

The process with GrowthWheel is focused on making decisions about various aspects of the business and define the action steps needed for execution.

GrowthWheel Online allows students to produce 30-60-90 Day Action Plans where team members can add items and prioritize.


 Gamification with Visual Data

On GrowthWheel Online students can instantly see visual data on the progress of decisions and actions they are working on as well as the outcomes they achieve in their project.

Instructors can monitor student progress and see aggregated data for the entire class, which can be used for discussion and evaluation.

Two Price Plans to Chose Between
—Pay per educator or pay per student

Pricing for GrowthWheel Certification and License.

Following participating in a GrowthWheel Certification Course entrepreneurship educators can choose between two licenses:

The Full GrowthWheel License per educator includes unlimited sharing of all GrowthWheel tools. The GrowthWheel Educator License per student includes access to a limited number of modules from the GrowthWheel Toolbox.

GrowthWheel Certification Course: 
$2,000 per participant.

Group rates apply for groups over 5.

  • Includes life-time free and optional recertification.

  • Includes GrowthWheel Toolbox with 100+ Decision Sheets, Frameworks Booklet, 360° Screening Pad and 30-60-90 Plan Pad.

Full GrowthWheel Educator License: 
$2,000 per year for each educator

  • Use and share all 20 GrowthWheel modules

  • Use and share with unlimited amount of students in several classes.

  • With 40 students the fee breaks down to $100 per student per year.


GrowthWheel Educator License:
Pay a fee per student

  • License Fee per student:

5 modules: $50 per student
10 modules: $100 per student
15 modules: $150 per student
20 modules: $200 per student

  • Number and type of modules selected by the educator.

  • The fee per student can be collected by the educator or GrowthWheel can produce access cards for purchase in the book store.


Included in both licenses:

Both types of licenses include:

  • Online access to GrowthWheel Online for all student.

  • The right to charge students a higher amount for the toolbox and access to GrowthWheel Online (for purpose of program income).

  • 4 annual updates of content.

  • 10 annual updates of software.


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