How can my organization make GrowthWheel
as a source of revenue?

The GrowthWheel license allows GrowthWheel Certified Partners to charge clients for the access to and use of GrowthWheel materials (limitations apply). Today more than 25 GrowthWheel Partners are doing this and making program income from selling GrowthWheel Tools or workshops based on GrowthWheel tools.

For organizations who do not charge for their actual advisory service, this might be a way to recoup the investment in GrowthWheel or even make it a new source of revenue.

If one business advisor works with 40 clients on an annual basis and charges $50 per year for a Toolbox based on GrowthWheel Tool (or less than $5 per month) the total revenue would add up to $2.000 per client in addition to any charges for training or consultancy.

One GrowthWheel Certified Advisor in Wisconsin, USA, has made a program income of $20,000 a year through GrowthWheel Workshops priced at $249 per participant.

For organizations who does not have the mechanisms to collect payments from clients GrowthWheel can offer to collect the fees and deduct the incoming payments from the annual GrowthWheel License Fee paid by the organization.