GrowthWheel for Incubators
—Help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into sustainable businesses

With the GrowthWheel Toolbox and online platform you can offer entrepreneurs and start-ups the maximum value for the fee they pay or the time they spend in the incubation program.

The GrowthWheel Toolbox
—Establish a common language

GrowthWheel supports the daily interactions with it’s operational and action-oriented approach. 

The extensive Toolbox allows you to use the same tools and establish a common language for all entrepreneurs and start-ups in your incubator. This enables a much better basis for you to facilitate peer-to-peer learning in house where entrepreneurs can learn from each other. It also gives you a system for benchmarking and monitoring of progress across companies in various industries.

With the GrowthWheel Toolbox you can:

  • make a concierge product for every individual client company
  • build long-term programs that always have more to offer
  • attract better clients by showcasing al the tools the client companies will get access to

GrowthWheel Online
Help clients grow in the cloud

Assessing and reporting the success of your entrepreneurship center - and the impact it has on the local and regional economy - can be crucial to securing funding, attracting stakeholders and creating a steady pipeline of clients. 

With GrowthWheel Online you can:

  • attract better clients and qualify them
  • work with clients in the cloud and have touch points every week
  • produce reports that track client progress like never before. 


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Need a tool for the intake process?

Use the 360° Screening tool to qualify clients by making an assessment of their progress, map opportunities, and rate skills.

Need to share knowledge?

Invite incubatees to work with you on GrowthWheel Online and comment on each others projects. 

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Need to make plans for growth and monitor progress?

Use the online scoreboard to list your clients ambitions and keep track of outcomes

Need for graduation report?

Download visual PDF reports of all activities and outcomes and share them with your incubatee and stakeholders or upload them to your CRM-system. 


Make sure clients remember your contribution and get 5 star ratings

When you track completed decisions and actions over time, and you are able to make a report, you increase the likelihood that clients will remember when they fill out your surveys and rate their experience. 

Sponsor of InBIA since 2010

GrowthWheel is a proud sponsor of InBIA since 2010, where GrowthWheel had its official launch in the United States at the annual conference in Orlando.

GrowthWheel Certified Incubators

Incubators in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Norway use GrowthWheel to build high-impact entrepreneurial ecosystems in every type of community or industry around the world. 

See the list of all certified incubators