What kind of entrepreneurs can use the GrowthWheel tools?

The GrowthWheel Framework and toolbox is today used by companies of all sizes, in all industries, and in any life-stage. This includes industries ranging from food businesses to software developers, it ranges from 1-person to 100-person companies, and it covers pre-startups, start-ups, and high growth companies. More than 100,000 entrepreneurs have been using GrowthWheel since it was created in 2005.

The reason that the GrowthWheel Framework with 20 Focus Areas can be used by all businesses is that it is merely a specified checklist of all the areas that businesses are already working on. It is simply a visual structure which breaks down four challenges that are the same for all businesses, even if they have a different nature for different types of companies: Creating an attractive business concept. Building a strong organization. Establishing lasting customer relations. And maintaining profitable operations.

The reason that the GrowthWheel Toolbox can be used for such different business segments is that each business advisor can adapt the toolbox to the client and the situation at hand. It can be done because the GrowthWheel toolbox is like Lego bricks. It contains many small pieces that can be put together in any sequence and produce various customized toolboxes, so no clients are getting exactly the same tools.

An example of a tool can be the GrowthWheel Decision Sheet that helps define a company's product mix. For the early startup, this Decision Sheet is used to define the first products to be launched. For the high-growth company, the same Decision Sheet might be used to refine and reduce the product portfolio. In both cases, the “DNA” of the decision is the fundamental choices about the right combination of products and services.