About being a GrowthWheel Affiliate Partner

As a GrowthWheel Certified Advisor who would like to see more people use the service you might be interested in becoming a GrowthWheel Affiliate Partner and make extra income from your referrals

What is it
GrowthWheel Affiliate Partners are individuals who are assisting GrowthWheel on a part-time basis with sales and promotion and getting a commission as compensation for the time and effort spent. 

The commission is likely to range between $2,000 and $10,000 per year.

GrowthWheel Affiliate Partners who have ressources to invest have the opportunity to later become GrowthWheel Business Partner for a national market.

How does it work
To become a GrowthWheel Affiliate Partner, you must be a GrowthWheel Certified user so you know the value of the toolbox and the online platform, and can present it in a credible way. 

Affiliate Partners can introduce GrowthWheel to potential customers in specific geographic and/or industry segments agreed with GrowthWheel in advance. Agreement in advance is to avoid a duplicate and parallel sales effort which might confuse the customer. 

The process to become an Affiliate Partner is simply to express interest by email to david@growthwheel.com and then you will receive a confirmation of the arrangement.  

The Sales Process
Affiliate partners are normally only involved in the initial part of the sales process which is where the client gets interest in participating in a GrowthWheel webinar, a personal presentation or getting a quote.

At this point, GrowthWheel’s client relations team will take over the education of the client, but may ask the Affiliate Partner to also make followup calls. 

Activities of Affiliate Partners
The typical activities of Affiliate Partners will be to introduce GrowthWheel to existing or new personal contacts at conferences, on LinkedIn, Facebook, or otherwise. 

Affiliate Partners may also choose to make Twitter posts about their use and encourage followers to take contact to learn more. 

Sales Materials
Most of the sales materials needed will be links to growthwheel.com or specific pages on the site. 

Affiliate Partners can also send prospects a link to a previously recorded webinar. However, making prospects take the step of signing up for a live webinar might be the best option for starting a dialogue with the client.

When the clients request a quote they receive a comprehensive package with all information, including pricing.

Commission to Affiliate Partners
The Affiliate Partner will receive a commission if the prospect signs up for GrowthWheel Certification and License within 12 months after the first contact, unless otherwise agreed. 

The Commission is calculated as a percentage of only the License Fee the client is paying the first year.  The size of the Commission depends on the level of sales effort the Affiliate Partner has made. The rate is set fairly at GrowthWheel’s discretion. 

For providing a contact name or give an introduction, the Commission is 5%.  If activities have included doing sales meetings, online presentations and several sales calls the Commission might be 10%. If an Affiliate Partner brings onboard a client which has taken minimal effort from GrowthWheel the Commission might be 15%.

The Commission is paid quarterly to the Affiliate Partner for paid licenses GrowthWheel have received in the previous quarter.

Affiliate Partners are not entitled to do any sort of mass emailing or broadcasting for larger audiences without coordinating with GrowthWheel. An exception is posts on Twitter.

GrowthWheel reserve the right to exclude any prospects from being contacted by the Affiliate Partner if the client had already been contacted by GrowthWheel or if the client is of a certain nature, importance, or size. 

The Affiliate Partner is obligated to keep GrowthWheel informed about prospects that are contacted. This is to avoid duplicate sales efforts and to make sure the Commission can be assigned to the right Affiliate Partner. 

If the Affiliate Partner has a large volume of contacts and activities GrowthWheel's CRM system can be made available.

Training of Affiliate Partners
No training is required to become an Affiliate Partner, as partners are always GrowthWheel Certified and practitioners using GrowthWheel. 

Re-certification online or in person once per year is recommended. 

The Affiliate Partner and GrowthWheel can terminate the partnership at any time with immediate effect. In case GrowthWheel terminates, The Affiliate Partner will still get commission for any closed deals.

GrowthWheel reserve the right to update the terms for Affiliate Partners without notice. Current terms are available at growthwheel.com/affiliatepartners.

Last updated November 2, 2018