Can I get a demo account on GrowthWheel Online?


Currently we don’t have the option of a demo account, and for a very specific reason: To really make use of GrowthWheel Online it takes a minimum of training. If we just let you loose on the platform without such training you are simple going to have a bad experience and not appreciate how much the software can actually make your life easier.

However, we have another and perhaps even better offer that others have appreciated very much. This is a “Private Demo Webinar” where we spend 1 - 1,5 hours using the system on a real life case to demonstrate how it works.

Sometimes we have even had a real client join the session so advisors can see how the client reacts to the process and work through a screening or works with ambitions or 30-60-90 Day Action plans. We can even record it so other can see a demo of how it works.