Get GrowthWheel in your language
GrowthWheel speaks 9 different languages.

English. Danish. Spanish. French. German. Norwegian. Czech. Bulgarian. Portuguese. And more to come.

GrowthWheel will soon be available in 3 new languages: Dutch, Hungarian and Arabic.

— get an add-on to your current license

How much does it cost?

The costs of an additional language is 25% of your current license.

Due to the large amount of SBDC advisors using GrowthWheel across the country, we offer the Spanish add-on without costs to all members of the America’s SBDC Network.

How do I get access?

If you would like to get access to an additional language, please fill out this form and we will give you access to the language on GrowthWheel Online.

With an add-on language license, you have access to both the GrowthWheel tools and to GrowthWheel Online in the add-on language. Also, your clients will view the platform and get messages in the language you choose.

Do we not speak your language? Yet!

If you would like the GrowthWheel Toolbox to be available in your language, please let us know. Maybe other users have the same need.

You can also become one of our GrowthWheel Translation Partners. As our translation partner, you will be in charge of translating the tools into your native language. We will handle the layout of the tools and launch an online platform in your language.

As a GrowthWheel Localization Project Manager you will get discounts on both the certification course and the license for new licensees.

If you would like to know more about our localization projects, please reach out to our Localization Project Manager, Gitte, on