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Robert Janssen

Robert is GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisor Partner and became GrowthWheel Parter in Brazil in 2018.

Robert Janssen is an accomplished Senior Executive and Entrepreneurial Advisor with more than 36 years of success in cross-border business development across the IT, Education, Health, Retail, Energy, and Biotech industries. Leveraging extensive experience guiding emerging startups through acceleration and internationalization, he is a valuable asset for startup companies with a global focus. His broad areas of expertise include international business, strategic planning, export readiness assessment, market development, venture capital growth, M&A, and business in the US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Brazil, and India.

Throughout his executive career, Mr. Janssen has held leadership positions at companies including OBr. Global (Outsource Brazil), SOFTEX, IT Midia, Introsoft and Fenasoft. As CEO of international business accelerator OBr.Global, he focuses on providing tailored intelligence and business execution for companies determined to penetrate international markets. He has been responsible for helping the success of dozens of companies that have used OBr’s methodologies to grow internationally. As a Senior Advisor with SOFTEX, he is responsible for overall strategic planning and marketing plans for Brazilian IT companies, and as VP of International Relations for Assespro he guides the largest Brazilian IT association in internationalization programs and contributes for the development of Startup Rio and Startup Brasil programs. Robert also belongs to several angel investors groups in Silicon Valley, including Sand Hill Angels, one of the oldest active investment groups in the US.

I became a partner because I am convinced that GrowthWheel is simply the best and fastest way to help companies become successful!
— Robert Janssen,

He was raised both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and California. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from San Diego State University, and an Associate’s degree in Information Systems from Monterey Peninsula College. He currently sits on three boards for startups he has accelerated, and is a Senior Advisor to the Brazilian government’s IT industry.