Meet The GrowthWheel Team

UNITED STATES / New York Office


David Madié
GrowthWheel Founder and CEO

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Elizabeth Binning, GrowthWheel


Elizabeth Binning
Product and Learning Specialist

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Oliver Mika.jpg


Oliver Mika
Client Relations Coordinator

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SOUTH AFRICA / Johannesburg Office


Hilton Theunissen.jpg


Hilton Theunissen
MD South Africa and VP Global Partnerships

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Brian 2.jpg

Brian Simelane

Certified GrowthWheel Instructor

Tukisang Senne (1).png

Tukisang Senne
Knowledge Management and Impact,
Certified GrowthWheel Co-Instructor

Bernie Theunissen.png

Bernie Theunissen
Audit & Process Analytics

Thembekile Senne.png

Thembekile Senne
Operations and Administration

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 11.47.40 AM.png

Mutinta Nalumango
Customer Experience Intern

SWEDEN / Gothenburg Office

Diana Aguilar, black'n'white zoomed.jpg


Diana Aguilar
Head of Software Design and Development

DENMARK / Copenhagen Office

Tine Dolmer.jpg

Tine Dolmer
Team Leader for Communication

Søren Weber for website.jpg


Søren Lauszus Weber
Team Leader for Customer Support

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Gitte Krenk
Product Quality and Localization Project Manager

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nanna photo.001.jpeg

Eva Holm Mathiasen
Student assistant

Nanna Linddal Hansen

Customer Experience Assistant (Intern)



IMG_9431 black:white.jpg

Øystein Bredal-Thorsen
GrowthWheel Partner and Certified Instructor