Decision Sheets
—Make Decisions


GrowthWheel Binder

GrowthWheel Decision Sheets help make decisions faster. They contain graphic checklists to quickly understand alternative options and get ideas for new ones.

They are like the whiteboard in the conference room, except they are prepared up front, so the entrepreneur can focus on decisions and the next step.

The GrowthWheel Basic Toolbox contains 100 Decision Sheets - 5 for each Focus Area. We are constantly working on improving the tools and adding new ones to the toolbox. We do this in collaboration with the GrowthWheel Users which means that the business advisors that work with the tools are co-creators of GrowthWheel. That is why the Decision Sheets fit the needs and the areas of so many advisors' work.

The best of both worlds

As with all of our tools, you have the freedom to choose whether you would like to use the Decision Sheets online thanks to our editable PDFs - or on paper to keep track of all the decisions that need to be made.