GrowthWheel with Loan Applications

Find out how GrowthWheel can be used to help your client obtain a business loan and get them prepared for the process

Take a sneak-peek at one of our monthly OnTrack Webinars. This presentation gives an overview of how to review your clients’ lending needs and to best help them by knowing where you can assist and where not. To support and plan the process of applying for the loan, GrowthWheel can be used in four different ways.

In many cases, your client’s ability to obtain a business loan could be what makes or breaks your business's future. This webinar scopes in on how to help your client get the funds for what is maybe a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity that you know will pay off in the long-run.

See the outline of the webinar below.

OnTrack Webinar Content

GrowthWheel for the loan application
Four ways GrowthWheel can support
1. 360° Screening
2. 30-60-90 Days Plan
3. Five financial decision sheets
4. Business Profile
Add all the information you need for
the lender
The clients can create the profile

Plan the process
Use Frameworks
Help the client create an action plan

Closing Up
Ask burning questions
Share your experience

Reviewing Clients Lending Needs 

Three questions for clients
1. Why does the business need a loan?
2. How much can the business afford?
3. When do you need the money?

How to best help the client
Financial issues a business advisor may not be able to change
1. Credit score
2. Collateral
3. Character

Financial issues where the business advisor can assist
1. Ownership structure
2. Funding
3. Costs/profitability

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