Meet the GrowthWheel Instructors      
—We have certified 2,500+ business advisors in 39 countries 



David circle 5.png

David Madié 
Founder and CEO,
operates globally

Elizabeth circle.png

Elizabeth Binning
Courses in United States, Canada, and Caribbean

Brian Simelane
Courses in Africa


Juan Saldaña
Courses in United States, Mexico

GrowthWheel Co-instructors

On occasion the GrowthWheel Instructors will be assisted by a co-instructor. 


Søren circle.png

Søren Weber
Courses in Scandinavia

Robert Janssen
Courses in Brazil

Øystein Bredal-Thorsen_2.png

Øystein Bredal-Thorsen
Courses in Norway

Tukisang Senne
Courses in South Africa

Hilton Theunissen
Operates globally

Oliver Mika