Manage Mentor Relationships Online
Now you can create Mentor Profiles and assign mentors to clients 

With a Mentor License, you have the option to manage your relationship with external mentors on GrowthWheel Online.

n the new main menu "My Network" you can add mentors, create mentor profiles and download them as good-looking PDFs.

If you in addition purchase a Mentor License ($20 per month per mentor) you can also invite mentors to the platform so they can interact with you and your clients online to:

  • Create 360° Screening
  • Update or comment on 30-60-90 Days Plan
  • Monitor or add Ambitions and Outcomes
  • View or download the clients Business Profile
  • Log the interaction they have with your clients and track time spent

The Details: 5 new features to manage mentor relationships

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1# Manage your mentor network

Keep all information about the mentors in one place and make it easier to collaborate and involve your team.


2# Create Profiles for Each Mentor

Keep all information about the mentors in one place.  Add information about competences and industry expertise.


3# Print and Share Mentor Profiles in PDF

Download or e-mail a one-page Mentor Profile to your clients to share information about a future mentor.


4# Give your mentors an account on GrowthWheel Online ($20 per month)

Mentors will get access to the cloud-based tools including the 360° Screening, the 30-60-90 Days Plan, the Scoreboard, and the Business Profile.


5# Track Mentors Client Interactions and Time

Get instant reports of your mentors activities when they log their interactions.