GrowthWheel Terms of Service
for Mentors

1. The Terms in Summary

  1. Only GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisors, their clients, and the clients’ mentors can use the GrowthWheel Toolbox and Online Platform.

  2. We do not claim any rights to the content you upload and enter in GrowthWheel Online except if it is GrowthWheel copyrighted materials.

  3. You have the sole responsibility to the content you enter or upload on GrowthWheel Online and we are not responsible for any loss or damage that might happen to your user content.

  4. We have the right to close your account if we discover any kind of misuse.


2. GrowthWheel Mentor License

  1. A GrowthWheel Mentor License is a license that can be acquired under certain conditions and that gives limited access to the GrowthWheel Toolbox and online platform.

  2. To be eligible for a GrowthWheel Mentor License, you must: 1) Be associated with a GrowthWheel Certified Partner with at least 1 regular license. 2) Be working on a volunteer basis without receiving any form of compensation for the work. 3) Complete the GrowthWheel Mentor Certification through a Webinar or E-learning course.

  3. A GrowthWheel Mentor License gives access to the cloud based tools on GrowthWheel Online, such as the 360° Screening, the Online Scoreboard, Interactions, the Business Profile, etc for the mentees (client companies) that have been shared with you.

  4. With a mentor license you can communicate with the client companies on the platform and make changes to the 30-60-90 Days Plan of your mentees.


3. Use of GrowthWheel Online

  1. GrowthWheel Online is an online platform used by client companies, their mentors and their business advisors to to help them make decisions, take action, and track activities and progress in the business of the client company.

  2. By using GrowthWheel Online, you agree to the present Terms of Service.

  3. Your user account is personal and you agree not to share your login information with anyone else.

  4. You agree that you have the sole responsibility for the content that is entered, uploaded, and shared via your account. Also, GrowthWheel International is not responsible for any user content shared with you by other users through GrowthWheel Online.

  5. We do not claim any rights to the user content you enter, upload, and share on GrowthWheel Online, except if it is GrowthWheel copyrighted materials. We do have the rights to store, show, and process your content to the extend necessary to run the functionalities of the platform.

  6. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that might happen to the content entered, uploaded, or shared by you or other users.

  7. GrowthWheel International owns all rights to the software on GrowthWheel Online.

  8. We are making ongoing updates of GrowthWheel Online, but we are not obligated to do so. We are free to add, remove, and alter any feature on the platform without giving you any previous notice.

  9. At the moment, there is no limit as to the storage space pr. user, but you agree that GrowthWheel International can set storage limit any time if deemed necessary to maintain the functionality of the services provided.

  10. At GrowthWheel Online, you will find links to the sites of third parties, that we use to provide you extra services, e.g. e-learning. GrowthWheel International is not responsible for your use of these third party sites or the function or dysfunctions of their services.

  11. GrowthWheel International has the right to close your account if it is being misused in any way.

  12. Though we do everything we can to ensure a functional and stable service, GrowthWheel International do not guarantee that the services provided via GrowthWheel Online will meet your requirements, are uninterrupted, timely, secure, or in other ways error free.

  13. Please keep in mind that if you invite other people to view or edit your personally identifiable information or personally sensitive data through GrowthWheel Online, this information may be collected and used by these or other people.

  14. You cannot copy, alter, or sublicense any parts of the software.

  15. We provide technical support at You can also get help on our online chat support that you can access from GrowthWheel Online. While we always strive to answer you as fast as possible (within 1-3 business days), we do not commit to answering your request within a certain time frame.


4. Your account

  1. Your Mentor account and all the content in it will be deleted 12 months after you stopped using it, unless you request us to delete it sooner.


5. Changes to the Terms

  1. These terms of service can be changed or modified by GrowthWheel International without prior notice.

  2. If we make changes to the terms, you will get a notification.


For questions about these or any GrowthWheel terms or policies, please email us at

Last updated on May 25, 2018

These Terms of Service are effective from May 23, 2018