GrowthWheel is attending the annual AWBC Conference in Tampa, Florida on September 25-27

We are happy to be a sponsor of the 2018 Women's Business Centers Leadership Conference presented by the Association fo Women's Business Centers (AWBC) this month in Tampa. 

This year's conference will focus on leadership, capacity building, and sustainability for WBCs through training and presentations from U.S. Small Business Administation. It provides the opportunity to expand your network of key advisors or mentors, and to increase your toolbox of resources to grow your revenue and your clients.

Drop by our booth for a quick demo of how our online platform can help advisors work smarter.


GrowthWheel joins the NACCE 2018 Conference in Fort Worth on October 7-10

We are looking forward to join the NACCE2018 conference in Fort Worth, Texas next month.

The 16th annual conference of the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) revolves around “The Entrepreneurial ecosystem revolution." Panels and breakout sessions featuring NACCE members from across the United States will share best practices for entrepreneurial leadership and experiential teaching across academic disciplines.

GrowthWheel is happy to be a sponsor of the conference. Drop by our booth for a quick demo of how our online platform can help you give your studens a digital experience.


NEW RELEASE: Assign Decisions and Actions on the 30-60-90 Days Plan


Execute on your ideas by assigning and follow-up

We are happy to release this long wished-for improvement of the 30-60-90 Days Plan that allows advisors and their client companies to assign decisions and actions directly to team members.

With the 30-60-90 Days Plan on GrowthWheel Online it's easy for you and your team to list all the nice-to's and need-to's, sort them as decisions or actions, and produce an actionable timeline. But who makes sure it actually gets done? 

With this release you can:

  • Assign tasks to team members and colleagues

  • Filter tasks by assignee

  • Print a visual PDF that show who is in charge of each task

When everyone knows who is in charge getting things done is somehow much easier. You no longer have to worry about all the tasks on the list, but can focus your time and energy on the tasks that you are actually responsible for. 

If you are an advisor who work with founder teams, this will help you work more efficiently with your clients. Turn talk into action by making sure that all the tasks that come up during your meeting are listed, prioritized, and delegated. 

After your meeting you can print the 30-60-90 Days Plan as a visual PDF-report and send it to your client and other team members. Or you can use it as a follow-up before your next meeting. 


#1 Assign tasks to team members and colleagues

Decide which team member should be responsible for each decision or action. 

You can filter by focus area, type, who is responsible, and priority. 


#2 Get an overview of all decisions and actions

Print a visual PDF report to get a quick overview of all the tasks and who is responsible for what. 

Share the PDF with your clients and colleagues after a meeting, and use it to follow-up before your next meeting. 

NEW RELEASE: Add the Client's Legal Documents to the Business Profile


Share Legal Information with Stakeholders

This release makes it possible for advisors and client companies to upload legal documents to GrowthWheel Online and include them in the Business Profile. 

You can already add legal information like company registration number, founding date, and legal entity, in the Business Profile.

However, you might also need to communicate additional legal information to stakeholders like banks, investors, or advisors.

Legal documents can be anything from by-laws and shareholder agreements to permits and certificates, and anything else you need to share.

This release enables you to upload the legal documents and print the company's entire Business Profile as a visual PDF report. Lenders and other stakeholders will be very impressed! 

Also, we’re introducing a brand new feature called "visibility button." It allows you to decide which documents should be visible on the printed Business Profile.


Legal documents.001.jpeg

#1 Upload legal documents

You can upload legal documents like by-laws, shareholder agreements, permits, and certificates. 

Choose a type of document, add title and description, and upload the document. 


#2 Select which documents should be visible

You can decide which documents should be visible when the Business Profile gets printed as a PDF report. 

Turn visibility on or off by clicking on the icon. 

Legal documents.004.jpeg

#3 Print a visual PDF report

You can upload the legal documents, select visibility, and print the entire Business Profile as a visual PDF report that you can present to stakeholders. 

GrowthWheel at America’s SBDC Annual Conference in Washington, DC on Sep 4-7

We are looking forward to join the ASBDC conference next month in Washington. 

The theme of this year’s conference is “Connect & Protect" - focusing on how professionals and small businesses can make the right connections and protect their businesses from internal and external fraud, hackers and other cyber threats.

Again, GrowthWheel is happy to sponsor the conference. Drop by our booth for a quick demo of how our online platform can help advisors work smarter.

If you would like to become a GrowthWheel Certified Advisor, join our pre-conference Certification Course in Washington, DC on September 3-4.


GrowthWheel launches in Hungary in partnership with SEED Foundation

Last week GrowthWheel completed a two-day Certification Course for the Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development (SEED) in Budapest, that promotes the sustainable economy and equal opportunities. Using the GrowthWheel software, SEED will offer personal consultancy to practicing and to future entrepreneurs as part of the Entrepreneur Mentoring Program while training over 80 mentors.

 July 26, 2018. Certification Course SEED Foundation

July 26, 2018. Certification Course SEED Foundation

Not only is GrowthWheel now used in 39 countries, the translation of GrowthWheel Online into Hungarian also marks the availability of our software in 9 different languages.

Thanks to our new mentor licenses, mentors can get access to our software without purchasing a full license.


NEW RELEASE: Add Partners to the Business Profile

Ny forside.jpeg

New Partner Page in the Business Profile: 
Let clients show they don't work alone

We continue to improve the Business Profile on GrowthWheel Online and with this monthly release you can now add a list of your client companies' partners and see them on a new page in the PDF.

Showing who the client is working with is another great piece of information that is useful for banks, lenders, investors, and also yourself as you are helping the business grow.

Under the new submenu "Partners" you — or your clients themselves — can add four different kinds of partners:

  • Professional Service Providers
  • Supplier / Service Providers
  • Channel Partners
  • Technology Providers

Of course we have made a list of the type of partners the clients might have in each category, so it's very easy to add, and be inspired for adding more.

In details:
See all your client companies' partners in the Business profile

ENG GO.001.jpeg
Business profile EN.001.jpeg

#1 Adding partners

Add partners and indicate all the necessary information such as description, logo and partnership start/end date.

The partner types can be used as inspiration for your clients to list their partners.



#2 The Business Profile

In the Business Profile you can see an overview of all your client's partners.

Both you and your client can add the information and the page can be printed individually or together with the rest of the profile. 



NEW RELEASE: See your Clients Market Potential with a Visual Chart

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 12.12.26 PM.png

New Visual Chart for Market Share
The “Markets” page in the Business Profile now looks a little bit more interesting

With our June release you can now see a visual chart that shows the market potential of your client companies.

Just  add estimated numbers for Market size, Market potential, and Current Market in the client’s Business Profile. And of course the chart also show up in the PDF Business Profile.

With the visual chart of market share and potential you can:

  • Motivate your clients to fill out the market information to see instant charts.
  • make an even more attractive document for a bank or lender.
  • Start a conversation about what the market potential is and how to reach it.

The Details: Better visual overview of your client companies' market potential

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 2.35.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 2.52.49 PM.png

#1 See the Market Potential

Fill out the forms: Market Size, Market Potential, and their Current Market to see the visual chart of your client companies’ market potential.

As you and your clients fill out how big is the market, what is their potential and current market, a visual chart will reflect the numbers.


#2 Choose to show the market chart by customers or by revenue

For each market you can choose for to show the market numbers by revenue or number of customers . In some cases you or the client might not know the market size by revenue, but can more easily estimate by number of clients.


#3 To showcase in a nice presentation

The chart will be added to your printable Business Profile ready to showcase other advisors, new partners, investors, bankers and more.

See us showcase our new software features at EBN 2018 Congress in Luxembourg

For the 6th time, you can meet GrowthWheel at the annual European Business & Innovation Congress, this year in Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg on June 6-8. 

GrowthWheel is sponsoring and exhibiting at the congress, which will focus on the future of innovation.

In respect to this theme, we will present GrowthWheel's newest software features along with our thoughts on how you can work smarter and help your clients grow by using our cloud-based software.

GrowthWheel is now Canadian!

We´re happy to announce that GrowthWheel is now a Canadian company - GrowthWheel Canada Inc.

Thanks you  to our growing community of GrowthWheel Certified Advisors in Canada for their great support and continuous partnership who made this happen.

We´re excited that we from now one are able to give an even better service to our growing community of GrowthWheel Certified Advisors in Canada, and because we believe in paying taxes where we make our living.

There are still many Canadians who are not GrowthWheel Ceritifed (!) and if you are one of them we suggest to attend our next Open Webinar on March 27th at 11am Eastern Time. It is a chance to learn our GrowthWheel newest software features

You can find all Open Webinars on our website and sign up.


NEW RELEASE: E-mail Templates

EN Release March.001.jpeg

New feature: E-mail Template
—Save time when you invite new clients

In this March release, we give you a new e-mail template. It is the first one in a series of e-mail templates and the new feature is based entirely on your suggestions.

Instead of writing an e-mail from scratch every time you invite a client to the platform, you now have a ready-made e-mail.

It is easy for you to edit all the information in the template and the invitation e-mails will by default be send from you.

Whenever you want to invite a client, either when you first create the account or when you want to invite a new team member, you will be able to use this template.

EN Release March.002.jpeg