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Everything you learn at the Certification Course exists as online modules you can find on GrowthWheel Academy.

The GrowthWheel Certification Course is for business advisors, educators and incubators who would like to get a License to share the GrowthWheel Tools with their clients, and collaborate with them on GrowthWheel Online.

By signing up for our Online Certification, you will get access to our eAcademy where you will find instruction videos and assignments, categorized in e-learning modules, that will help you support your workflow as a business advisor.

It also offers you the flexibility to go through the course on your preferred schedule, and on your own speed.

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In you’re interested in getting started with GrowthWheel, you can request a quote with your options for Certification and License fee based on the number of advisors. If want to sign up for certification directly, you can use this link and choose “online certification”.

The fastest way to learn everything you need to know about GrowthWheel is by joining our webinar. You can sign up for our next webinar to get a live demo of our business advisory support system, that will help you define the most important scope of work for any kind of business.

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Module #1: Presenting the GrowthWheel Framework

In our first module, you will be introduced to the concept of GrowthWheel, the company, and to the certification course.

You will find out more about the purpose and the outcome of the course and the core idea of the GrowthWheel Framework. We will also show you how to present the GrowthWheel concept to your client companies. 

Throughout every online module, you have the opportunity to ask questions while you may continue the training videos and exercises.

View a sample video of the first training module:

Module #2: Using the GrowthWheel Toolbox

In this module, we will take a look at the four core tools in the GrowthWheel Toolbox and how to use them, both on paper and on GrowthWheel Online. 

  • You will see how you can use the 360° Screening tool to find the right focus with the client company and define the scope of work. 

  • You will learn about the Frameworks that can help you and the client set the agenda. 

  • We will look at the Decision Sheets that present to you the decisions your clients need to make. 

  • And finally, we will present to you the 30-60-90 Action Plan that helps us take action on the decisions we make and move the business forward. 

After completing this module you will know how to use the tools together or separately, in any order you would like. You will also test drive the tools and tell us about your thoughts and reflections.

Module #3: GrowthWheel Online

In our third module, we will start out with a recap of the previous modules and provide you with new insights based on the story of GrowthWheel.

After that, you will learn about:

  • The GrowthWheel Business Profile and how GrowthWheel serves as a CRM system.

  • The GrowthWheel Scoreboard that allows you to set ambitions and track outcomes for your client.

  • Working with these tools in the cloud on GrowthWheel Online

Module #4: Training with GrowthWheel

The final module addresses the last steps to get you started as a GrowthWheel Certified Business advisor. This training covers:

  • GrowthWheel Articles and how to make use of them

  • GrowthWheel Workshops materials that can help you design your own training programs

  • The License Terms and final comments

Free Re-certification

You are always welcome to join one of our local courses after you have already been online certified. This will also give you the chance to learn about our latest product updates, as we bring out a monthly new release.

You can view our course calendar here.