GrowthWheel Online
—Help more clients in less time. Let them grow in the cloud.

GrowthWheel Online is a complete business advisory system which supports the entire workflow of advisors working with clients.

On GrowthWheel Online, business advisors can invite clients to the platform and offer them a free account so they can work with digital tools to build their business. Clients get a better experience because they have the option of both self-service and personal engagement with their advisor.

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Business Toolbox

Your clients experience a better service as they leave each meeting with a 360° view on focus areas, an action plan, and the tools to do it.

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Business Profile

Create a Business Plan in less than an hour that you and your clients can print as a great-looking PDF ready to show off. 

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Team up with co-workers and mentors to provide a better service to your clients while increasing  your productivity. 

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Client Interactions

Our CRM-System is a digital experience for everyone. Watch how you can use the platform as a client, mentor, or manager. 

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The software integrates in several ways with existing CRM-systems, but is more than a CRM as clients can share data and work with their advisors.

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Show off when your clients move on. Document your impact and your clients' progress with analytics, charts and reporting features. 

Software Releases

We have now released monthly software updates for the last 36 months and we are not running low on new ideas and improvements.