NEW: Save and share links on GrowthWheel Online

add links.001.jpeg

Now you can share links to YouTube videos, PDF-files, your organization’s website and more with your clients the same way you share tools on GrowthWheel Online.

This release makes it easier to add and organize information that needs to be shared between you and your client — keeping everything in one place.

You can add links to your Personal Tools for each stage of your service: Intake forms (PDF links), Information to register a business, Links to instruction videos, Online sign up forms for your organization’s workshops, and so on.

To get started, login to GrowthWheel Online, and go to the menu Personal Tools.

You will be able to:

  • Save website or video links that you can later share on GrowthWheel Online with your clients.

  • When saving the link in Personal Tools, you can add it to your favorite tools, share it with clients by email, or add it to the tool basket (if you want to share multiple tools and links).

Add links to your Personal Tools in 2 easy steps

#1 Add links you want to share

Go to the menu Personal Tools to add a new link. Add a name, choose “link” in the category, and add the URL of the link you want to share.

You can also add a thumbnail of the information you want to show.


#2 Share links with your client

After adding a new link, you can share it by email with your client, add the link to your Favorites, or the Tool Basket.

You can also add the link directly to the advisor/client files so the link is automatically shared with that person.