New Release: An easy way to put customer references on display

jan release final.001.jpeg

For our first release of 2019, we are launching an update to the Business Profile that makes it possible to display the customers that can serve as your client’s references.

With Customer References your clients can easily show their customer references to lenders or others who receive the company’s business. These references may have positive stories they can share about your client’s products or services.

This feature will be available in the new menu “Customer References” and allows you and your clients to add more detailed information about your client’s customers — in addition to the market and customer segment in the Business Profile.

On GrowthWheel Online you and your clients will be able to:

  • Create new Customer References and add details about them

  • Download all Customer References as a visual PDF

  • View all Customer References on GrowthWheel Online

3 Easy Steps to Show Customer References

#1 Create a new reference

Add all the details about each of your client’s customers, such as name, status, description, and the year the customer was acquired.

You can also upload an image or the customer’s logo.


#2 Download PDF overview

Get a visual overview of your client’s customer references by downloading them as PDF file.

Now you can easily print or share the references with other stakeholders.


#3 Manage references online

You and your client can view or edit all customer references on GrowthWheel Online in the new menu.