New Release: Keep Track of Client Meetings

new interaction.001.jpeg

Log and share all client interactions
- Track decisions and actions. Share with clients.

This month we are happy to introduce a new way to track your work with clients. Today you will find a new menu called “Interactions”. Here you can track each interaction you have with your clients, and add decision and actions discussed during your meeting. When ready you can download all interactions as a PDF that you can upload to your CRM-system. 

Log in to GrowthWheel Online today to see:

  • The new menu “Interactions” under each of your clients
  • A new way to invite clients you created as draft
  • New visual icons for decisions, actions, and notes
  • Edit decisions and actions directly in the 30-60-90 Day Plan

Step 1: Go to the new interaction menu

You can now log all interactions with your clients, and keep track of the decisions and actions you discuss during your meeting. Go to the the client’s menu and you’ll see the new menu “Interactions".

Step 2: Create a new interaction

It is easy to create a new interaction: Just name the interaction, select type, and set the date and time. Like with the Online 360° Screening tool, you can decide to keep the interaction as a draft or save and share it with your client. If you share it your client will be able to see a PDF of the interaction. 

Step 3: Add Decisions and Actions

You can log any decisions or actions you and your client have discussed during your meeting. The decisions and actions from your shared interaction will also be visible for your clients in the 30-60-90 Day Plan.