Add the Client's Legal Documents to the Business Profile


Share Legal Information with Stakeholders

This release makes it possible for advisors and client companies to upload legal documents to GrowthWheel Online and include them in the Business Profile. 

You can already add legal information like company registration number, founding date, and legal entity, in the Business Profile.

However, you might also need to communicate additional legal information to stakeholders like banks, investors, or advisors.

Legal documents can be anything from by-laws and shareholder agreements to permits and certificates, and anything else you need to share.

This release enables you to upload the legal documents and print the company's entire Business Profile as a visual PDF report. Lenders and other stakeholders will be very impressed! 

Also, we’re introducing a brand new feature called "visibility button." It allows you to decide which documents should be visible on the printed Business Profile.


Legal documents.001.jpeg

#1 Upload legal documents

You can upload legal documents like by-laws, shareholder agreements, permits, and certificates. 

Choose a type of document, add title and description, and upload the document. 


#2 Select which documents should be visible

You can decide which documents should be visible when the Business Profile gets printed as a PDF report. 

Turn visibility on or off by clicking on the icon. 

Legal documents.004.jpeg

#3 Print a visual PDF report

You can upload the legal documents, select visibility, and print the entire Business Profile as a visual PDF report that you can present to stakeholders.