New Release: Big Data

Monitor clients' progress month by month
- Use big data to make your own decisions

With our June release, it is now possible to track your clients’ progress in a way that has never been possible before!

We are introducing two new charts in the Dashboard Menu so you can monitor all your clients’ completed decisions and actions, whether they are added to the cloud by you or your clients. With the latest features in GrowthWheel Online Beta you can see this on the updated dashboard:

Decisions and actions completed per month for each client
Aggregated data for all your clients, your organization, and your entire network
• Amount of work completed for each of the four main work areas in the business

With a bird's eye view on how many decisions and actions clients are executing you can make better decisions on which clients to spend your time on, and also see if some areas are in need of more attention.

New Menu: All Clients Dashboard
- Follow your clients' progress

In the new menu, "All Clients Dashboard", you can see the total amount of completed decisions and actions each month for all your clients.The two charts show the decisions and actions grouped by work area so you can easily see within which areas you have been working and when.

The monthly charts that you find in the "All Clients Dashboard" show the aggregated data of all your clients. You can also see monthly charts for each individual client. Choose a client from your client list and click on Client Dashboard.