Manage Mentor Relationships

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Manage Mentor Relationships Online
Now you can create Mentor Profiles and assign mentors to clients

With our April release  you will have the option to manage your relationship with external mentors on GrowthWheel Online.

In the new main menu "My Network" you can add mentors, create mentor profiles and download them as good-looking PDFs.

If you in addition purchase a Mentor License ($20 per month per mentor) you can also invite mentors to the platform so they can interact with you and your clients online to:

  • Create 360° Screening

  • Update or comment on 30-60-90 Days Plan

  • Monitor or add Ambitions and Outcomes

  • View or download the clients Business Profile

  • Log the interaction they have with your clients and track time spent

The Details: 5 new features to manage mentor relationships

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1# Create a List of Your External Mentors

Build a list of your mentors, assign them to clients so they can see the same information as you and the client.


2# Create Profiles for Each Mentor

Keep all information about the mentors in one place.  Add information about competences and industry expertise.





3# Print and Share Mentor Profiles in PDF

Download or e-mail a one-page Mentor Profile to your clients to share information about a future mentor.



4# Give your mentors an account on GrowthWheel Online ($20 per month)

Mentors will get access to the cloud-based tools including the 360° Screening, the 30-60-90 Days Plan, the Scoreboard, and the Business Profile.


5# Track Mentors Client Interactions and Time

Get instant reports of your mentors activities when they log their interactions.