Track Your Clients' Profit with Charts

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New additions to the Business Profile
—Get a better overview with Profit Charts

In our January release, we are adding profit charts to the Business Profile. This gives you and your clients a more comprehensive and complete financial view of the business.
You can now more easily report profits for your entire client portfolio and quickly download it as a nice-looking PDF file.

The data contain all the key profitability numbers such as gross profit, operating profit and net profit. If you are a manager you can also see the aggregated data for your entire organization or network.

New Features — Track client profit quarter by quarter

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#1 Get instant charts of your clients' profit
Add profit on the financials page and get an instant overview of your clients' growth.




#2 Add profit charts to the business profile
With the new profit charts, your clients can get a more extensive business profile to show lenders, financial partners or investors. 



#3 Use your clients' profit for reporting
Use profit charts for reporting in terms of growth for your entire client portfolio or network.