New release: Share 5 new good-looking PDF reports

GrowthWheel Online - PDF reports

Now, all visual analytics are available as PDF reports, so you can share them with your colleagues, managers, and stakeholders. 

The analytics show big data that will help you see trends from a few or hundreds activities for a large client portfolio over a year. 

  • What are your client's ambitions? 
  • Which results and achievements have you accomplished together? 
  • What type of clients are you working with? 
  • How many actions and decisions have clients completed?
  • How many results and achievements have clients accomplished? 

Because the reports are in PDF you can easily email them, use them in a presentation, or upload them to any other CRM system you might be using.

If you are a manager you can also get reports with analytics of all clients and advisors in your organization or network.

Take a look at this 3 min. video with David showing the new features: 

5 New PDF reports
—Share with colleagues, managers, and stakeholders

#1 Your Client Portfolio

What types of clients are you working with? Get a report of your client portfolio by life stage, company size, and engagement time and use it for reporting. 


#2 All Decisions and Actions

How many actions and decisions have your clients completed? Get a report of all clients' decisions and actions.  


#3 All Outcomes

How many results and achievements have your clients accomplished? Get a report of all your clients' outcomes and share it with your manager or stakeholders. 


#4 Ambitions

What are your client's ambitions? Get a report of each client's ambitions and share it with your colleagues. 


#5 Outcomes

What are your client's outcomes? Get a report of each client's results and achievements and upload it to your CRM system.

If You Are a Manager
—Analytics for the entire organization or network

If you are a manager, you can see analytics of what the clients and advisors are working on, and get reports with aggregated data for the entire network or organization. 

Get manager access


More Improvements:
—Add descriptions to ambitions and outcomes

You and your clients can now add descriptions to ambitions and outcomes. This information will show on the page.

When you create a new result you can also add an amount. 


What is Next?
—A sneak peek of what we are working on...


We are committed to making continuous and never-ending improvements of the software in collaboration with our users. Every month we release new features. Here you can see what is on top of the list:

  • A new Client Business Profile in PDF 
  • Share tools as links instead of emailing PDF files
  • Create standard email templates to use when writing your clients
  • More analytics and reporting
  • More notifications and reminders