Terms of Service for
GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisors


The GrowthWheel Toolbox and online platform is used by business advisors, their client companies, and their mentors to help companies grow. Below, you will find the terms of service that apply to the GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisors. To see the terms for another user group or our privacy policy, please click in the menu to the left.



1. The Terms in Summary

  1. Only GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisors or their clients can use the GrowthWheel Toolbox and Online Platform.

  2. We do not claim any rights to the content you upload and enter in GrowthWheel Online except if it is GrowthWheel copyrighted materials.

  3. You have the sole responsibility to the content you enter or upload on GrowthWheel Online and we are not responsible for any loss or damage that might happen to your user content.

  4. You can freely copy and distribute all materials from the GrowthWheel Toolbox, but only to the client you personally work with in your capacity for the organization which has purchased the license and only within your own state territory.

  5. We have the right to close your account if we discover any kind of misuse.

  6. You cannot make changes to the GrowthWheel Toolbox but you can submit suggestions for changes to GrowthWheel International.


2. The GrowthWheel Toolbox

  1. The GrowthWheel Toolbox are paper based and digital materials sold on a license basis. The paper based toolbox is delivered to the GrowthWheel Certified Advisors at the GrowthWheel Certification Course. The digital toolbox the licensee can access through the software platform GrowthWheel Online from the first day of the certification course.

  2. The GrowthWheel Toolbox has been developed by GrowthWheel International, who provides the opportunity for business advisors to obtain an individual license to use the tools with the client companies they are working with.

  3. A license for The GrowthWheel Toolbox includes: non-exclusive rights to use the tools as described below and to use the copyright protected materials and trademarks of GrowthWheel International.


3. Certified and Licensed Business Advisors

  1. Only GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisors with an active license can use the GrowthWheel Toolbox and GrowthWheel Online.

  2. GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisors are advisors who have been certified through participation in a 2 day certification course, and obtained a renewable license for a defined period of time.

  3. Additional employees to a GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisor can be added to the Agreement through participation in one of the GrowthWheel Certification Courses that are continuously being held.

  4. We have the right to mention The GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisors along with the Licensee on the GrowthWheel website, unless otherwise agreed.


4. Use of GrowthWheel Online

  1. By using GrowthWheel Online, you agree to the present Terms of Service.

  2. Your user account is personal and you agree not to share your login information with anyone else. You may not create a user with false information about yourself or others and you may not pretend to be someone else. You may, however, create personal demo accounts for the purpose of testing the platform.

  3. You agree that you have the sole responsibility for the content that is entered, uploaded, and shared via your account. Also, GrowthWheel International is not responsible for any user content shared with you by other users through GrowthWheel Online.

  4. We do not claim any rights to the user content you enter, upload, and share on GrowthWheel Online, except if it is GrowthWheel copyrighted materials. We do have the rights to store, show, and process your content to the extend necessary to run the functionalities of the platform.

  5. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that might happen to the content entered, uploaded, or shared by you or other users.

  6. The tools and materials you find on GrowthWheel Online you can share freely with any Client Company. A Client Company is defined as a personal client that is related to a current partner organization of GrowthWheel International.

  7. GrowthWheel International owns all rights to the software on GrowthWheel Online.

  8. We are making ongoing updates of GrowthWheel Online, but we are not obligated to do so. We are free to add, remove, and alter any feature on the platform without giving you any previous notice.

  9. At the moment, there is no limit as to the storage space pr. user, but you agree that GrowthWheel International can set storage limit any time if deemed necessary to maintain the functionality of the services provided.

  10. On GrowthWheel Online, you will find links to the sites of third parties, that we use to provide you extra services, e.g. e-learning. GrowthWheel International is not responsible for your use of these third party sites or the function or dysfunctions of their services.

  11. GrowthWheel International has the right to close your account if it is being misused in any way.

  12. Though we do everything we can to ensure a functional and stable service, GrowthWheel International do not guarantee that the services provided via GrowthWheel Online will meet your requirements, are uninterrupted, timely, secure, or in other ways error free.

  13. Please keep in mind that if you invite other people to view or edit your personally identifiable information or personally sensitive data through GrowthWheel Online, this information may be collected and used by these or other people.

  14. You cannot copy, alter, or sublicense any parts of the software.

  15. We provide technical support at support@growthwheel.com. You can also get help on our online chat support that you can access from GrowthWheel Online. While we always strive to answer you as fast as possible (within 1-3 business days), we do not commit to answering your request within a certain time frame.


5. Rights for using the GrowthWheel Toolbox, trademarks, and copyrighted materials

  1. All materials in the GrowthWheel Toolbox can be copied and distributed freely, in print and digitally, to Client Companies.

  2. The Licensee is allowed to charge a fee from the Client Company to use the GrowthWheel Toolbox, provided that GrowthWheel International is informed about the pricing.

  3. The Licensee is allowed to use references to GrowthWheel and use the GrowthWheel graphic materials in the branding and marketing of the Licensee’s offerings.

  4. The Licensee can for an add-on price have special versions of the GrowthWheel Toolbox produced with the name or logo of the Licensee or any sponsor chosen by the Licensee.


6. Limitations in the Rights for using the GrowthWheel Toolbox

  1. The GrowthWheel Toolbox is to be used only by GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisors, and not by other staff working for the Licensee.

  2. The Toolbox can only be used with and distributed to Client Companies in the state territory where the GrowthWheel Certified Advisor is based. For using the GrowthWheel Toolbox outside the state territory, the advisor can pay an add-on license.

  3. The GrowthWheel Toolbox cannot be made publicly accessible through the Licensee website or other online platforms.

  4. The Licensee is not allowed to change or alter any materials from the GrowthWheel Toolbox, unless otherwise agreed in writing with GrowthWheel International.


7. Updates and future co-creation of the Toolbox

  1. As a GrowthWheel Certified Advisor, you can take part in developing the GrowthWheel Toolbox by submitting suggestions for changes and improvements to GrowthWheel International.

  2. You can hand in suggestions at the certification course or submit them through the form “My Suggestion” on GrowthWheel Online.

  3. We make ongoing releases based on suggestions we receive from the user community as well as other external and internal input.

  4. The suggestions you submit are not confidential, nor are you entitled to a compensation if your suggestion is implemented in the GrowthWheel Toolbox.

  5. GrowthWheel International maintain all rights, including immaterial rights, to suggestions received by the users, which are incorporated in the GrowthWheel Toolbox.

8. Termination of the Agreement

  1. The License Agreement will after the minimum license term continue until terminated with a three (3) months notice from the end of a month.

  2. If you decide to terminate the agreement with GrowthWheel International and you have complied with the license terms and commercial terms in regards to this termination, your account on GrowthWheel Online will be closed on the day of the termination.

  3. When an account is closed all content entered and uploaded to this account will be deleted and the user of the account will not be able to get back the content.

9. Violation and Disagreements

  1. In the event of a party’s substantial violations of the Agreement, the other party is entitled to immediately annul the Agreement.

  2. Any disagreement in regards to the Agreement or between the parties will be determined by the court of law in New York State.


10. Changes to the Terms

  1. These terms of service can be changed or modified by GrowthWheel International without prior notice.

  2. If we make changes to the terms, you will get a notification.


For questions about these or any GrowthWheel terms or policies, please email us at support@growthwheel.com


Last updated on May 25, 2018 

These Terms of Service are effective from May 23, 2018