GrowthWheel Online Features:

Business Profile
— Create a business plan replacement in 60 minutes

The Business Profile is a better and faster alternative to the conventional business plan by focusing in on statistical facts and the current situation for each client company. Keep all the information that clients, advisors, and lenders need and print it as a visually sharp and simplified Business Profile.

Additionally, you can easily download one or more clients' Business Profiles as Excel sheets which you and your clients can upload to another system.

  • Store client information in one place
  • Create a business plan replacement
  • Showcase a business plan with analytics

Store Client Information in One Place

Make your life easier
Use the platform to get an instant overview of all your clients, and help yourself to keep track of current team members in your client's company.

Create a Business Plan Replacement

The only information your clients need to close a deal
We made it easy for you. There is only so much room for a proper description of the most important information which advisors, partners and lenders alike need to know about the business and more to close a deal in the end.

Showcase a Business Plan with Analytics

Be convincing with analytics and charts
Keep track of each client's revenue, export, profitability, and more quarter by quarter and print a visually sharp and extensive business profile to show lenders, financial partners or investors alike. You can also see charts and tables of how your clients are progressing in hiring new employees.