GrowthWheel Online Features:

— Team up in the cloud with your colleagues to help your clients! 

You can easily collaborate with your co-workers in the cloud and increase your organizations' performance and time management.

The GrowthWheel Toolbox and GrowthWheel Online enables a structure and a shared language which all advisors can use. The consistency in the client experience with different advisors helps to build a strong brand.

  • Manage clients
  • File Sharing features
  • E-mail templates
  • Mentor CRM and assignment

Manage Clients

Provide an online platform that will keep clients coming to your office
Invite clients to GrowthWheel Online where you can manage them all in the "Client List". You can also share your clients with your colleagues to collaborate, while providing your clients an improved service with your combined resources. 

E-mail Tools to Clients

Always have someting new to email your clients
On GrowthWheel Online you can download more than +250 tools as edible PDF files. You can assemble customized packages to email your clients before a meeting or after as next step. In this way your clients can work independently and make progress on their own. 

E-mail Templates

Use your time better. Use E-mail Templates.
Save time by using a ready-made e-mail you can use every time you invite a client to the platform. 

Mentor CRM and Assignment

Work more efficiently in the cloud with your mentors
With a Mentor License, you have the option to manage your relationship with external mentors on GrowthWheel Online. In the menu "My Network" you can add mentors, assign them to clients, create mentor profiles and download them as good-looking PDFs.