GrowthWheel Online Features:

Client Interactions and Dialogue
—A CRM system your clients can use

Advisors, clients, mentors and managers can use GrowthWheel Online as a CRM system. It's a simple yet intuitive system to kick-start the growth of a business in collaboration with an associated business advisor. 

If you are a manager you can keep track of your organizations' results with clients using beautiful analytics, ready to show off as a power point when the clients move on. 

  • A Platform for clients
  • A Platform for mentors 
  • A Platform for managers

A Platform for Clients

Provide a better service to your clients
Invite your clients to the platform and provide a CRM-system that speaks exactly to their every need. Your clients receive better service as you can continue the motivational conversation online and because your clients have the option of self-service without fully relying on you, their advisor.

A Platform for Mentors

Make the most of your time with your mentees
With a Mentor License, you will be part of your organization's network in the cloud, where you can collaborate with advisors and clients. Mentors get access to information about the clients and their progress, which makes it easy to work together while providing the client with much improved service.

A Platform for Managers

Document your organizations impact
As a manager, you can get reports with analytics of all clients and advisors in your organization or network. You can download reports about your organizations work and that of every single advisors work with their respective clients.