GrowthWheel Online Features:

CRM System
—Focus on your client, not the system

GrowthWheel Online offers a simple and intuitive CRM-system where you can keep all information about your client companies and interact with clients and colleagues. The system will make your life easier as it supports your entire workflow and helps you to work faster. This way you can manage more clients in less time.

You can integrate GrowthWheel with other CRM systems you may use. 

  • Email integration with “Mailbox”
  • Demographic information
  • Log interactions with time-tracking

Email Integration with “Mailbox”

All your emails in one place
In your Mailbox, you can get an overview of all emails sent to your clients from GrowthWheel Online. Further, if added, your clients will reply to your personal email when you send them tools from the platform. 

Demographic Information

Get a aggregated picture of your clients' demographic background with analytics and colorful, visually appealing charts. 

Log Interactions with Time-Tracking

Follow up on the conversation
Advisors and/or external mentors can track time spent with each client (including preparation and transport), of which the aggregated data can then be printed or exported. You can share the interactions with your client, who can also add decisions and actions as well. 

You can download or upload the interactions to your CRM-system.