New Analytics Report — All Charts in One PDF

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Today, we are releasing an update to the Analytics menu, so that you can now print a visual PDF report with all analytics of your clients.

In the “Analytics” menu you can see all analytics for your clients’:

  • Demographics

  • Financials

  • Decisions and Actions

  • Ambitions and Outcomes

  • Interactions

Before, you had to print one page at a time, but now you can download a full analytics report with a single click.

As an advisor, you can compile a PDF report with all analytics and upload it to any other CRM system you might be using for reporting. This is a great way to visually show the effects of your work.

Your clients can also view analytics of their company and their work on GrowthWheel Online and use the PDF report to showcase their progress to investors, new partners, clients, or the bank. 

If you are a center manager or network manager, you can see analytics for your entire organization or network. This is a fast way to get the big picture of what the advisors and clients are working on. You can run through the numbers with your team, or use it as a weekly or monthly review of how your clients are progressing.

Print all analytics as a visual PDF-report
—ready to be shared with stakeholders or used for reporting

You can download all the analytics and reports as a visual PDF and upload it to any other CRM system you might be using for reporting.

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