Email your clients directly from GrowthWheel Online

email clients.001.jpeg

Today, we are releasing a new feature on GrowthWheel Online that allow you to quickly send emails to your clients directly from the platform.

It’s really easy! Simply choose one of your clients in the “Client list” on GrowthWheel Online and click on the new email icon. You can now send the email to one or more team members from your client company. You can also add cc or bcc receivers - like a colleague or a CRM-integration.

For your convenience, we have also created some email templates that makes it easy for you to welcome new clients, invite them for a workshop, confirm a meeting, or follow up on your work together.

This is just the first release of this feature. Soon, you will also have the option to edit and save your own personal email templates for every step in the workflow with clients.

Save time with ready-made email templates
—A fast and easy way to catch up with clients!

email clients.002.jpeg