New Release: Email integration with "Mailbox"

All Your Emails in One Place
—Email Integration with Mailbox

Today, we are happy to announce that GrowthWheel Online is now a full CRM system, as we are releasing the new feature Mailbox on GrowthWheel Online.

A Customer Relations Management system is used to track not only information about clients, but also the correspondence you have with them. This way you have all the information in one system.

In your Mailbox , you can get an overview of all emails you send to clients from GrowthWheel Online or from your own email account.

Emails sent from GrowthWheel Online are saved automatically. If you would like to copy emails from your own email account all you need to do is add to the "bcc" field when you send an email to your client. The system will recognize your client's email address and copy the email to your client Mailbox. 

In GrowthWheel, we aim to make your life easier by helping you work smarter. With the new Mailbox, you can keep all information about your clients in GrowthWheel Online. For some advisors, this means that you will no longer need to pay for an expensive CRM system. GrowthWheel Online may work as your primary CRM system –and it is all included in your license. 

#1 New Menu
See all emails in your Postbox

Select a client and go to that client's Mailbox under the menu "Interactions". Here you will find the emails you send to this client. You will have a Mailbox for each client. 

#2 Get the Full Overview
See all emails sent from GrowthWheel Online

All the emails you send to clients on GrowthWheel Online are from now on automatically saved in your client Mailbox. The only requirement is that the client must be in your client list on GrowthWheel Online. 

#3 Email Integration
Copy emails from your own email account

If you would like to copy an email you are sending from your own email account you can add to the "bcc" field. Note that emails cannot be sent directly to your Mailbox. You must always add your client's email in the "to" or "cc" field.

Customized Client Profile

You can now get a Customized Client Profile that fits the needs of your country or organization. We already did this for South Africa, and you can get it too. Just let us know which information you would like us to add.

What is Next?
- A sneak-peak of what we are working on...

In GrowthWheel, we are committed to making continuous and never-ending improvements of our software in collaboration with our users. We have hundreds of upcoming features in our backlog, and here you can see what is on top of the list:

  • Download all client data as PDF and Excel files.
  • Mark clients as favorites to filter them.
  • Managers can upload tools that can be used by all advisors in the organization.
  • Further improvements to Ambitions and Outcomes with PDF reports and more visual analytics.
  • Interaction analytics of your work with clients.