Now more than 50 business advisors certified in Norway

On February 27-28 we were back in Oslo for certification of 15 business advisors. We also had 3 already certified advisors in for free re-certification.

Since we started out in Norway a year ago more than 50 Norwegian business advisors have been certified. And we are expecting to double that number this year in partnership with SIVA and the Næringshagene (the business gardens in Norway). 

At the course we were happy to welcome business advisors from the following organizations: 

- Business Faxe Copenhagen
- Buskerud Næringshage AS
- Driv Inkubator
- Energy Consult Center AS
- Hallingdal Næringshage
- Landsbyen Næringshage AS
- My Back Office AS
- Næringshagen i Orkdalsregionen AS
- Næringshagen Rogaland Ressurssenter AS
- Nordkapp Næringshage AS
- Rørosregionen Næringshage
- Sør-Østerdal Næringshage
- Stryn Næringshage AS
- Suldal Vekst As
- Valdres Næringshage AS