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New Release: Schedule Future Meetings on GrowthWheel Online

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Our February release brings an update to the Interactions menu so you will be able to schedule and invite clients in addition to keeping track of past interactions.

Starting today, you can schedule interactions like meetings, phone calls, and workshops in the “Interactions” menu on GrowthWheel Online — and invite one or more clients to join you.

When you invite a client for a meeting you can use our new customizable email templates that list all the practical details and allow you and your client to copy the meeting to your personal calendar.

In the Interactions menu you will be able to filter planned interactions from past interactions, manage all interactions, and generate analytics.

You can also print all planned and past interactions as a visual PDF you can use for reporting.

On GrowthWheel Online you and your clients will be able to:

  • Schedule interactions like meetings, phone calls and workshops and add practical details and purpose of the interaction.

  • Copy new meetings to your Google, iCal or Outlook calendar

  • View and download all past or planned Interactions on GrowthWheel Online

3 Easy Steps to Plan Interactions

#1 Schedule a new interaction

Fill in all relevant information about the new interaction, such as type, date and time, location, and purpose.

#2 Invite one or more clients

The customizable email templates make it easy to invite your client to join you for a  meeting. You and your client can also copy the meeting to a Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar.

#3 Manage and download interactions

You can manage all past and scheduled interactions on GrowthWheel Online and download the list as a visual PDF that you can use for reporting.