New Release: See a Business Summary in the Business Profile

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This month, we are releasing an update to the Business Profile, so you can now see a Business Summary of your clients.

The Business Profile is getting better! With the new update, you can see a Business Summary with just one click. A separate page will appear in your Business Profile, outlining all the values and beliefs, market or customer segments, and customer references you and your client have been working on.

To see the Business Summary go to “My Clients” on GrowthWheel Online and select a client. Under “contact” look for a download button in the top right corner. Then, you choose whether you want a full Business Profile or simply just the Business Summary.

The Business Summary gives you and your client a visual overview of how their organization is performing - it even lists competitors and market players.

The Business Summary will show the progress your client has made and focus on the key aspects of the organization. You can read about the history, mission, product & services, team members and much more! 

The business summary gives a quick and accurate 360° perspective on the company - benefiting both the advisor and the client.

Unique Business Summary
—get a quick overview of your client’s organization

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